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The Blackwell Handbook of Strategic Management

The Blackwell Handbook of Strategic Management

Michael A. Hitt (Editor), R. Edward Freeman (Editor), Jeffrey S. Harrison (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-21860-9 October 2001 Wiley-Blackwell 740 Pages


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In this major reference work, top scholars in the field of strategic management present major ideas and theories in the field drawing on their own research and special expertise.

  • Offers complete coverage of the field of strategic management.
  • Incorporates new ideas on strategy topics from leading scholars in the field.
  • Edited by three of the World's leading management academics.
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Part I: Origin and Process.

1. Emerging Issue in Strategy Process Research (Gregory G. Dess and G.T. Lumpkin).

2. Strategic Decision-Making (Paul C. Nutt).

3. Strategy Formulation: The Roles of Conversation and Design (Jeanne M. Liedtka).

Part II: Theoretical Foundations.

4. Strategic Flexibility in the Old and New Economies (Kathryn Rudie Harrigan).

5. The Resource-based View: Origins and Implications (jay B. Barney and Asli M. Arikan).

6. A Stakeholder Approach to Strategic Management (R. Edward Freeman and John McVea).

7. Towards a Positive Interpretation of Transaction Cost Theory: The Central Roles of Entrepreneurship and Trust (Gareth R. Jones).

8. A Strategic Management Model of Agency Relationships in Firm Governance (Michael H. Lubatkin, Peter J. Lane and William S. Schulze).

9. Risk in Strategic Management Research (Philip Bromiley, Kent D. Miller and Devaki Rau).

10. Corporate Reputations as Economic Assets (Charles J. Fombrun).

Part III: Strategy Types.

11. Competitive Dynamics Research: Critique and Future Directions (Ken G. Smith, Walter J. Ferrier and Hermann Ndofor).

12. Diversification Strategy Research at a Crossroads: Established, Emerging and Anticipated Paths (Donald D. Bergh).

13. Mergers and Acquisitions: A Value Creating or Value Destroying Strategy (Michael A. Hitt, R. Duane Irland and Jeffrey S. Harrison).

14. Strategic Alliances (Andrew C. Inkpen).

15. Restructuring Strategies of Diversified Business Groups: Differences Associated with Country Institutional Environments (Robert E. Hoskisson, Richard A. Johnson, Daphne Yiu and William P. Wan).

16. Global Strategic Management (Stephen Tallman).

Part IV: Human Factors.

17. On Strategic Judgment (Richard L. Priem and Cynthia S. Cycyota).

18. Organizational Strucutr5e: Looking Through a Strategy Lens (Barbara Keats and Hugh M. O'Neill).

19. Corporate Governance (Sayan Chatterjee and Jeffrey S. Harrison).

20. Corporate Strategy and Ethics, as Corporate Strategy Comes of Age (Daniel R. Gilert , Jr.).

21. Business and Public Policy: Competing in the Political Marketplace (Gerald Keim).

22. Implementing Strategy: An Appraisal and Agenda for Future Research (Lawrence G. Hrebiniak and William F. Joyce).

23. Human Resources Strategy: The Era of our Ways (Scott A. Snell, Mark A. Shadur and Patrick M. Wright).

24. Strategy and Entrepreneurship; Outlines of an Untold Story (S. Venkataraman and Saras D. Sarasvathy).

Part V: Teaching Methods.

25. The Strategic Management Course: Tools and Techniques for Successful Teaching (Idalene F. Kesner).


" This Handbook is a wonderful collection of articles from the top scholars in the strategy field. It summarises the latest academic thinking on a number of issues that are central to strategy and identifies the questions that will pre-occupy strategy research for the next decade. This is must reading for every serious scholar in strategic management and a requirement for every PhD program in the field." Constantinos Markides, LBS <!--end-->

"Hitt, Freeman and Harrison have put together a great Handbook of Strategic Management. The scope and depth of its 25 chapters show how much the field has evolved during the last twenty years. The material is organized in a logical and easily accessible way with lots of references for those who want to further explore a subject. This Handbook will age well on the shelves of students and teachers, scholars, and intellectually curious practitioners." Robert Burgelman, Stanford University

"At long last, this handbook provides a comprehensive reference text for theory and empirical research in strategic management. The scope and thoroughness of the contributions are exceptional. The handbook should be required reading for all Ph.D students in strategic management. And it will be my first stop for a tour of the literature on any topic in strategic management." Constance E Helfat, Dartmouth University

  • Offers complete coverage of the field of strategic management.
  • Incorporates new ideas on strategy topics from leading scholars in the field.
  • Structured into five sections looking at the strategic management process, the theoretical foundations of the field, various types of strategy, human factors, and teaching methods.
  • Edited by three of the world's leading management academics.
  • Serves as a critical reference tool for students, scholars and professional managers.