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The Blueprint For Franchising A Business

The Blueprint For Franchising A Business

Steven S. Raab, Gregory Matusky

ISBN: 978-0-471-85617-7

Nov 1987

256 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Franchising is a fast-growing system of marketing. This book shows franchisers, financiers, and investors how to evaluate a company's chances of developing a successful franchise. Raab discusses management issues in franchising: capitalization, training, supply systems, marketing, lease negotiation, and making a public offering. And he reveals the pros and cons of franchising, the six basic indicators of franchising success, how to structure a franchise, and how to sell a franchise.
Franchising in Today's Economy.

The Rise of a Marketing System.

Evaluating Yourself as a Franchisor.

Is your Business Franchisable?

The Five Factors for Franchise Success.

The Rewards of Franchising.

The Disadvantages of Franchising.

Structuring your Franchise--An Overview.

Defining your Franchise Offering: Some Basic Elements.

What Obligations to Assume: The Franchisor as Servant.

Controlling your Franchise System.

Selling your Franchise.

One Last Look at Legalities.

Selected Management Issues.