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The Body: Classic and Contemporary Readings

The Body: Classic and Contemporary Readings

Donn Welton (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-21185-3

Mar 1999, Wiley-Blackwell

388 pages

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From Immanuel Kant to Postmodernism, this volume provides an unparalleled student resource: a wide-ranging collection of the essential works of more than 50 seminal thinkers in modern European philosophy.

Introduction. Foundations of a Theory of Body.

Part I. Phenomenological Formulations.

Edmund Husserl.

1. Material Things in Their Relation to the Aesthetic Body.

The Constitution of Psychic Reality Through the Body. (Edmund Husserl).

2. Soft, Smooth Hands: Husserl's Phenomenology of the Lived-Body. (Donn Welton).

3. The Zero-Point of Orientation: The Placement of the I in Perceived Space. (Elmar Holenstein).

Martin Heidegger.

4. Introduction to Being and Time.

Equipment, Action, and the World.

Dasein as Affective Responsiveness and as Understanding.

Seeing and Sight.

Hearing, Discourse and the Call of Care.


On Hearing the Logos. (Martin Heidegger).

5. The Ontological Dimension of Embodiment. Heidegger's Thinking of Being. (David Michael Levin).

Maurice Merleau-Ponty.

6. Situating the Body.

The Lived Body.

The Body in its Sexual Being.

The Natural World and the Body.

(Maurice Merleau-Ponty).

7. Saturated Intentionality.

(Anthony J. Steinbock).

8. Flesh and Blood. A Proposed Supplement to Merleau-Ponty.

(Drew Leder).

Part II. Psycho- and Sociotropic Genealogical Analyses.

Jacques Lacan.

9. Towards a Genetic Theory of the Ego.

The See-saw of Desire. Jacques Lacan.

The Imaginary, the Symbolic, and the Body.


(Jacques Lacan).

10. The Status and Significance of the Body in Lacan's Imaginary and Symbolic Orders.

(Charles W. Bonner).

Michel Foucault.

11. Discipline and Punish.

The History of Sexuality.

(Michel Foucault).

12. The Subjectification of the Body. (Alphonso Lingis).

13. Foucault and the Paradox of Bodily Inscriptions. (Judith Butler).

Part III. Towards a Semiotics of the Gendered Body.

Julia Kristeva.

14. Subject and Body.

On the Meaning of Drives.

(Julia Kristeva).

15. The Flesh Become Word. The Body in Kristeva's Theory. Kelly Oliver.

Luce Irigaray.

16. Female Desire. (Luce Irigary).

17. Beyond Sex and Gender. On Luce Irigaray's This Sex Which is Not One. (Tina Chanter)

"Finally, those of us who teach courses on continental theories of the body will be able to say goodbye to homemade readers! This beautifully organized and indispensable anthology puts it all together for us: well-chosen selections from the foundational twentieth-century texts and clarifying contemporary commentary. An invaluable contribution for teachers, students, and scholars." Susan Bordo, Otis A. Singletary Chair in the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy, University of Kentucky <!--end-->
* The only collection of readings on the philosophy of the body.
* Challenges the reader to look at the development of a phenomenological theory of the body by such thinkers as Husserl, Sartre, and Merleau-Ponty.
* Designed for use in courses on theory of gender and identity.
* Challenges the prevailing traditional 'analytic' theories of the body.