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The Brittle-Ductile Transition in Rocks: The Heard Volume

The Brittle-Ductile Transition in Rocks: The Heard Volume

A. G. Duba (Editor), W. B. Durham (Editor), J. W. Handin (Editor), H. F. Wang (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66408-7

Mar 2013

243 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 56.

""The roses seem to have a mildew,"" Lucy said as I drank my morning coffee. ""I'll ask Hugh about it,"" flashed through my mind, but not past my lips since he's been dead for over two years.
I wonder if this isn't typical for his friends and colleagues. Hugh's ability and willingness to help, his unselfish cooperation not just in research but in life, are what made him special to those who worked closely with him. Many who read this volume are familiar with the varied contributions he made to rock mechanics and to high?]pressure research. Consistent with his reputation, the things that impressed me when I first worked with Hugh in 1969 were his enthusiasm for work and his ability to keep pressure systems working well. Although these qualities still come to mind when I think of Hugh, the thing that usually remains is a warm feeling of pleasure at having been his friend and shared part of his life.


The Brittle-Ductile Transition in Rocks: Recent Experimental and Theoretical Progress
B. Evans, J. T. Fredrich, and T.-F. Wong   1

Hydrolytic Weakening and Penetrative Deformation Within a Natural Shear Zone
A. K. Kronenberg, P. Segall, and G . H. Wolf   21

Micromechanical Modeling of Thermal Cracking in Granite
S. R. Carslon, M. Wu, and H. F. Wang   37

Frictional Faulting in Polycrystalline Halite: Correlation of Microstructure, Mechanisms of Slip, and
Constitutive Behavior
F. M. Chester and J. M. Logan   49

Ductile Shear Zones from Brittle Precursors in Feldspathic Rocks: The Role of Dynamic
J. Tullis, L. Dell'Angelo, and R. A. Yund   67

The Role of Hydrostatic Pressure in the Cavitation Failure of a Superplastic Aluminum-Lithium Alloy
A. H. Chokshi and A . K. Mukherjee  83

Deformation and Fracture of Berea Sandstone
Y. Bernabe and W. F. Brace   91

Triaxial-Compression Tests on Rocksalt at Temperatures from 500 to 2000C and Strain Rates from
10-4 to 10-9/s
S. T. Horseman and J. Handin   103

A Material Model for Avery Island Rocksalt
J. E. Russell, N. L. Carter, and S.C. Walker   111

Anomalous Fracture and Thermal Behavior of Hydrous Minerals
S. Kirby, R. Lee, and J. S. Hemingway   119

Brittle/Ductile and Plastic/Cataclastic Transitions in Experimentally Deformed and Metamorphosed
B. R. Hacker and J. M. Christie   127

Stress Wave Propagation and Attenuation in Sandstone at High Strain Levels
J. A. Brown, J. D. Blacic, C. T. Aimone, and R. D. Dick   149

Deformation Microstructures and Lattice Orientations of Plagioclase in Gabbros from Central Australia
D. M. Ague, H.-R. Wenk, and E. Wenk   173


Rock Deformation Experimentation
M. S. Paterson   187

High Pressure and Temperature Deformation Experiments in a Liquid Confining Medium
H. W. Green, II and R. S. Borch   195

Reciprocating Four-Point Flexure Testing at High Temperature with Application to Attenuation in
Partial Melts
R. F. Cooper, D. H. Green, and D. K. Bidner   201

An Apparatus for Measurement of Electrical Conductivity to 15000C at Known Oxygen Fugacity
A. G. Duba, R. N. Schock, E. L. Arnold, and T. J. Shankland   207

Chemical Analysis of Grain Boundaries in an Olivine-Basalt Aggregate Using High-Resolution,
Analytical Electron Microscopy
D. L. Kohlstedt   211

The Sapphire Anvil Cell as a Creep Apparatus
C. Sotin and J.-P. Poirier   219

A Triaxial Deformation Apparatus for Service at 77 < T < 273 K
H. C. Heard, W. B. Durham, C. O. Boro, and S. H. Kirby   225

On the Utility of Conical Sample Geometry in Experimental Deformation
A. Meike and H. Heard   229

High-Resolution Creep Apparatus
S. J. Mackwell, D. L. Kohlstedt, and W. B. Durham   235

Measuring Attenuation in Geologic Materials at Seismic Frequencies and Amplitudes
I. C. Getting, J. Paffenholz, and H. A. Spetzler   239