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The Bruce R. Hopkins Nonprofit Law Library: Essential Questions and Answers



The Bruce R. Hopkins Nonprofit Law Library: Essential Questions and Answers

Bruce R. Hopkins

ISBN: 978-1-118-66998-3 June 2013 464 Pages


Need a quick answer to a nonprofit legal conundrum?  It’s literally at your fingertips with The Bruce R. Hopkins Nonprofit Law Library.  Supplying you with find-it-on-the-run answers to your nonprofit law questions, this Library prepares you to meet and manage your nonprofit’s legal obligations with its step-by-step guidance. 

Packed with authoritative answers to the most essential questions on how to start a nonprofit organization; nonprofit law basics; maintenance of tax exemption; public charity rules; unrelated business rules; boards of directors and compensation; conflicts of interest; self-dealing; liability, and much more, this e-Library offers hands-on information mined from the following bestselling books and updated and expanded by the leading authority on nonprofit law, Bruce R. Hopkins:

Nonprofit Law for Religious Organizations: Essential Questions & Answers / Bruce R. Hopkins and David Middlebrook

650 Essential Nonprofit Law Questions Answered / Bruce R. Hopkins

The Legal Answer Book for Private Foundations / Bruce R. Hopkins and Jody Blazek

Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization, Sixth Edition / Bruce R. Hopkins

Nonprofit Law for Colleges and Universities / Bruce R. Hopkins, Virginia C. Gross, and Thomas J. Schenkelberg

From acquiring and maintaining tax-exempt status to fundraising regulation, The Bruce R. Hopkins Nonprofit Law Library gives you the legal guidance and practical insights you need—now.

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About the Author xxxvii

1 Nonprofit Organizations Law Generally 1
Nonprofit Law Basics 1

2 Acquiring and Maintaining Tax-Exempt Status 25
Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Entities 25

3 Governance 53
Nonprofit Governance Law Basics 53

4 Private Inurement, Private Benefit, and Excess Benefit Transactions 91

5 Conflicts of Interest/Self-Dealing 127
Conflicts of Interest 127

6 Nonprofit Executive Compensation 159
Concept of the Executive 159

7 Legislative Activities Rules 185
Basic Federal Tax Rules 185

8 Political Campaign Activities Rules 201
Basic Federal Tax Law Rules 201

9 Nonprofit Educational Organizations 215
Education Law Basics 215

10 Public Charity Status 239
Acquiring and Maintaining Public Charity Status 239

11 Charitable Giving Rules 263
Charitable Giving Rules Basics 263

12 Fundraising Regulation 309
Law Concept of Fundraising 309

13 Unrelated Business Rules 359
General Unrelated Business Rules 359

14 Boards of Directors and Liability 395
Basics of Governance Principles 395

Index 419