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The Business Analyst / Project Manager: A New Partnership for Managing Complexity and Uncertainty

The Business Analyst / Project Manager: A New Partnership for Managing Complexity and Uncertainty

Robert K. Wysocki

ISBN: 978-1-119-20055-0

Oct 2015

240 pages

Select type: O-Book


A breakthrough game plan illustrating the need for better collaboration between Project Managers and Business Analysts

In The Business Analyst/Project Manager, author Robert Wysocki draws on his forty-five years of professional experience as a PM/BA to shed light on the similarities and differences of the roles and responsibilities of these two positions, the need for greater collaboration, and how to staff a project with one or both of these professionals.

  • Examines the boundaries and interactions between the BA and the PM
  • Looks at how to identify the skill sets needed to make the project a success
  • The typical relationship of the BA and PM across the project management life cycle
  • Making the best configuration of leadership assignments based on project characteristics
  • Where the responsibilities of the BA leave off and the PM's begins and where the two have collaborative responsibilities
  • How to use a PM/BA to enhance project performance
  • How to foster a "dual career path" for PM/BAs development

The in-depth discussion of the synergies between the two roles and the advantages of a combined PM/BA makes The Business Analyst/Project Manager a valuable contribution in your ability to be successful on the complex projects of the 21st century.


Acknowledgments .

List of Abbreviations.


Historical Context.

Areas of PM and BA Overlap.

The Context.

How This Book Is Organized.

Who Should Read This Book.

How You Will Benefit from This Book.

Chapter 1: Project Manager and Business Analyst Project Life Cycle Collaboration.

An historical perspective.

PMs, BAs, and Projects.

Putting It All Together.

Chapter 2: A Generic Dual Career Path Model.

A Dual Career Path Position Family.

Using the Dual Career Path Model.

Putting It All Together.

Chapter 3: Project Manager and Business Analyst Position Family.

PM and BA Position Landscape.

Organizational placement of the PM and BA.

Putting It All Together.

Chapter 4: Project Manager and Business Analyst Skill Profiles.

BA and PM Proficiency Model.

Selecting an assessment approach.

Skill Assessment Process.

Career and professional development program.

Project portfolio management process.

Training curriculum design, development and scheduling.

Resource planning process.

Resource management process.

Putting It All Together.

Chapter 5: The Project Landscape.

Project Landscape.

Project Complexity and Uncertainty.

Q1 Projects.

Q2 Projects.

Q3 Projects.

Q4 Projects.

Project Landscape with Project Management Models.

Putting It All Together.

Chapter 6: Integrating the Project Manager and Business Analyst into the Landscape.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Challenges and Opportunities of PM and BA integration.

Mapping the PMs and BAs into the Project Landscape.

When should one professional have both project management and business analysis responsibility on the same project?

Putting It All Together.

Chapter 7: PM/BA Career and Professional Development.

Examples of PM/BA job opportunities.

PDP Contents.

A Deeper Look into the PM/ BA Landscape.

Organizational Support.

PMO, BA Center Excellence and BA Community of Practice.

Putting It All Together.

In Conclusion: A Call to Action.

A System to Prepare PM/BA Professionals.

A Call to Action.

Appendix A: Skill/Proficiency Level Matrices for the 8 PM/BA Position Levels in the Project Management Landscape.

Appendix B: PM and BA Training Provider Courses.

Appendix C: PM/BA Curriculum.

Introduction to Contemporary Organizations.

Managing Data and Information across the Organization.

Business Process Management.

Introduction to Project and Portfolio Management.

Creative Models for Solving Business Problems.

An Enterprise-wide Project.

About the Author.