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The C++ Standard: Incorporating Technical Corrigendum No. 1



The C++ Standard: Incorporating Technical Corrigendum No. 1

BSI (The British Standards Institution), Bjarne Stroustrup (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-470-84674-2 December 2003 816 Pages


The definitive reference for any C++ programmer or for programmers needing to work with C++ programs.

Every book written about C++ refers frequently to the international standard that defines the language, this will be a must-have companion volume for everyone who is serious about programming in this language.

  • The complete C++ standard as approved by international standards bodies (BSI and ANSI)
  • The ONLY available bound version of the standard
  • Foreword by Bjarne Stroustrup
  • Most recent corrections and updates (Technical Corrigendum) are indicated with side bars to highlight where changes have taken place
  • An introductory chapter explains what the standards process is and how the reader can participate in the standards process


1. General.

2. Lexical Conventions.

3. Basic Concepts.

4. Standard Conversions.

5. Expressions.

6. Statements.

7. Declarations.

8. Declarators.

9. Classes.

10. Derived Classes.

11. Member Access Control.

12. Special Member Functions.

13. Overloading.

14. Templates.

15. Exception Handling.

16. Preprocessing Directives.

17. Library Introduction.

18. Language Support Library.

19. Diagnostics Library.

20. General Utilities Library.

21. Strings Library.

22. Localization Library.

23. Containers Library.

24. Iterators Library.

25. Algorithms Library.

26 Numerics library.

27 Input/output Library.

Annex A: (informative) Grammar Summary.

Annex B: (informative) Implementation Quantities.

Annex C: (informative) Compatibility.

Annex D: (normative) Compatibility Features.

Annex E:  (normative) Universal-character-names.