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The CCL Guide to Leadership in Action: How Managers and Organizations Can Improve the Practice of Leadership



The CCL Guide to Leadership in Action: How Managers and Organizations Can Improve the Practice of Leadership

Martin Wilcox (Editor), Stephen Rush (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-18793-6 August 2015 Jossey-Bass 320 Pages


The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is the world’s premier institution devoted exclusively to leadership research and education. For more than three decades, CCL has worked with hundreds of thousands of executives to create practical models, tools, and publications for the development of effective leaders and organizations. This important collection is drawn from CCL’s long-running publication Leadership in Action. The guide examines the skills that you need to successfully give and receive feedback, make use of coaching, work with difference, deal with change, achieve work-life balance, and address the larger issue of expanding the leadership capacity of your organization.
Foreword (Frances Hesselbein).

Preface (Martin Wilcox and Stephen Rush).

List of Contributors.


Part I: Creating Healthy Leaders.

Chapter 1: Skills for Leaders.

"Making the Connection: Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence" by Marian N. Ruderman, Kelly Hannum, Jean Brittain Leslie, and Judith L. Steed.

"Through a New Lens: A Talk with Margaret J. Wheatley" by John Alexander.

"Redefining Accountability: A Talk with Peter Block" by Stephen Rush.

"Nine Keys to Good Leadership" by David Campbell.

Chapter 2: How to Deal with Change.

"Leading Transition: A Talk with William Bridges" by John Alexander.

"Getting a Grip on Conflict" by Davida Sharpe.

"After the Storm: Leading in the Wake of a Crisis" by Gene Klann.

"Adaptability: What It Takes to Be a Quick-change Artist" by Paige Bader and Allan Calarco.

Chapter 3: How to Work Across Cultures.

"Getting the Message: How to Feel Your Way with Other Cultures" by Don W. Prince and Michael H. Hoppe.

"Global Managing: Mastering the Spin of a Complex World" by Christopher Ernst.

"One Prescription for Working Across Cultures" by Craig Chappelow.

Chapter 4: Feedback and Coaching.

"Leadership Through Feedback: Helping Subordinates Succeed" by Raoul J. Buron and Dana McDonald-Mann.

"Three Keys to Effective Feedback" by Sloan R. Weitzel.

"A Winning Recipe for Working with a Coach" by Wayne Hart and Karen Kirkland.

Chapter 5: Striking a Balance.

"Throwing the Right Switches: How to Keep Your Executive Career on Track" by Craig Chappelow and Jean Brittain Leslie.

"Putting Some Life into Your Leadership" by Marian N. Ruderman and Patricia J. Ohlott.

"Stress Takes a Toll on Leaders" by Sharon McDowell-Larsen.

Part II: Creating Healthy Organizations.

Chapter 6: What Is Leadership Development?

"The Third Way: A New Source of Leadership" by Wilfred H. Drath.

"The Missing Link: Organizational Culture and Leadership Development" by Vidula Bal and Laura Quinn.

"Leading Together: Complex Challenges Require a New Approach" by Wilfred H. Drath.

Chapter 7: Creating the Leadership Pipeline.

"Ending the Board Game: New Leadership Solutions for Companies" by Jay A. Conger.

"The Ins and Outs of Selecting Successful Executives" by Valerie I. Sessa and Jodi J. Taylor.

"Finding Success at Succession" by David Berke.

Chapter 8: The Leadership Context Is Diversity.

"Telling the Untold Story: A Conversation with Stella M. Nkomo" by Stephen Rush.

"X Marks the Spot: Developing and Retaining Emerging Leaders" by David Baldwin and Stephanie Trovas.

"Across the Divide: Grasping the Black Experience in Corporate America" by Ancella B. Livers and Keith A. Caver.

Chapter 9: Creating Teams That Work.

"Making Sure That a Team is the Right Way to Go" by Michael E. Kossler and Kim Kanaga.

"The Right Start: A Team's First Meeting Is Key" by Kim Kanaga and Sonya Prestridge.

"Cultivating Teams" by Robert C. Ginnett.

Chapter 10: The Long View for Organizational Success

"Strategic Command: Taking the Long View for Organizational Success" by Katherine Beatty and Laura Quinn.

  • Designed to be used with CCL Handbook of Leadership Development, 2E
  • CCL Ranked #1 in Leadership Education by Business Week
  • Includes Interviews with top thinkers such as Meg Wheatley, Peter Block, Bill Bridges and Stella Nkomo, and Jay Conger.