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The CGI/PERL Cookbook

The CGI/PERL Cookbook

Craig Patchett, Matthew Wright

ISBN: 978-0-471-16896-6

Oct 1997

656 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Custom subroutine library for developing your own CGI programs
* Line-by-line explanations of 20 of the most popular CGI programs and subroutines that are essential to your Web site
* Compatible with Perl 4 and 5
* Tested under WindowsR(r), UNIXR(r), and MacOSR(r)

If you want to make your Web site as interactive as possible, as soon as possible, you've come to the right place! This book/CD powerhouse arms you with 20 of today's most-demanded CGI programs and subroutines, designed and written especially for this book, each ready to load and use. At the same time, it offers you a quick, painless, and unique hands-on way to learn basic and advanced CGI/Perl programming.

The CGI/Perl Cookbook begins with a concise overview of CGI programming for beginners, followed by a guide to installing CGI programs on UNIX, PC, and MacOS Web servers. The rest of the book is devoted to line-by-line, feature-by-feature explanations of seven cutting-edge CGI programs; including a search engine, password protection, advanced form processing, a shopping cart, customized bulk e-mail, advanced visitor feedback, and more; as well as 13 subroutines for e-mail support, file encoding, credit card validation, e-mail address checking, error handling, and text encryption. You also get a usage guide, installation instructions, and professional CGI and Perl programming tricks and customization tips for each program and subroutine.

The CD-ROM is a gold mine of ready-to-use software and valuable information. You get:
* All the CGI programs from the book-code and ready-to-run versions
* The complete Matt's Script Archive
* A collection of the best scripts from across the Web-source code included
* The complete Perl programming manual
* The most recent Windows, UNIX, and MacOS versions of Perl

Using This Book.

Using CGI and Perl.

Installing CGI Programs.


Managing Files: Fileseek.CGI.

Gathering Input: Formhandler.CGI.

Spreading the Word: Broadcaster.CGI.

Doing Business: Webshop.CGI.

Getting Opinions: Feedback.CGI.

Keeping Track: Pagecontrol.CGI.

Restricting Access: Authenticate.CGI.

Getting Support: The Subroutines.




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