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The CH/π Interaction: Evidence, Nature, and Consequences

The CH/π Interaction: Evidence, Nature, and Consequences

Motohiro Nishio, Minoru Hirota, Yoji Umezawa

ISBN: 978-0-471-25290-0

Jun 1998

232 pages

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A systematic exploration of the fascinating area of CH/p interaction-from the frontier of chemical research

The CH/p bond may be the weakest of the hydrogen bonds, but it has been found to play important roles in the physical, chemical, and biological properties of a variety of substances. This book offers a complete overview of the experimental basis, theoretical background, and nature of the CH/p interaction to facilitate a clearer common understanding of the interaction between CH bonds and p-systems. Featured topics include:
* Evidence and methods of detection
* Quantum chemical treatment of CH/p interaction
* Comparison with other types of weak molecular interactions
* Conformational consequences
* Chiroptical properties
* Selectivity in organic reactions
* Crystal structures of clathrates
* Inclusion compounds
* Interligand interactions in coordination chemistry
* Specific interactions in protein structures
* Prospects and possibilities for use in biochemistry and materials science

The CH/p Interaction makes an important contribution to the understanding of weak intermolecular forces and their potential value to the biochemical and pharmaceutical sciences. It will be welcomed by physical and synthetic organic chemists; structural chemists; and pharmaceutical and biochemists.
Evidence and Methods of Detection.

Quantum-Mechanical Treatment of CH- Interaction.

Comparison with Other Types of Weak Molecular Interactions.

Conformational Consequences.

Chiroptical Properties.

Selectivity in Organic Reactions.

Crystal Structures of Clathrates.

Inclusion Compounds.

Interligand Interactions in Coordination Chemistry.

Specific Interactions in Protein Structures.

Summary and Prospects.