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The Cabbie, Volume 2

The Cabbie, Volume 2

ISBN: 978-1-606-99652-2

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304 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The Cabbie returns for more psycho-noir violence, perversion, and degradation.

Picking up where Vol. 1 left off, The Cabbie Vol. 2 begins with our hero, still traumatized by the violent events of the first volume that left many dead and his pregnant sister in a coma, seeking out the psychological help of Dr. Faustus—who submits him to his own controversial ""circular dynamization"" technique that is supposed to literally spin him back to health. But violence and sexual perversion soon rear their heads, as two business magnates and their sons lock horns in a sordid affair that involves pornography and blackmail (and a search for the Philosopher's Stone). Moreover, the fact that The Cabbie's first fare is promptly machine-gunned to death in his cab by terrorists drives him into the recruiting arms of the ""Guardian Angel Cab Company,"" a paramilitary taxi company with a fleet of tank-like cabs. But soon our hero is being shot through the leg, tossed off a 34th-story ledge, and forced to swim through a sewer, while paranoia, madness, corruption, sexual degradation, and death by gunshot, greyhound evisceration and molten metal swirl around him—all told in Martí’s eerily perfect Chester Gould-derived style.
Black & white illustrations throughout