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The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan: Proven Investment Strategies to Kick Start and Build Your Portfolio

The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan: Proven Investment Strategies to Kick Start and Build Your Portfolio

Peter Kinch, Don R. Campbell (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-470-67622-6 August 2010 256 Pages




Real estate, like any other investment, is a means to an end: that end might be a secondary source of income, a strategic plan for your retirement, or a way to attain complete financial independence. Whatever your goal is, you've decided that real estate is a tool you want to use. So how do you use it? How do you make it work for you and avoid getting burned in the market? And how much of it do you need to fulfill your ambitions?

Peter Kinch is one of Canada's top mortgage brokers and has helped thousands of investors clarify their dreams and turn them into reality. In The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan, Peter walks you through one of his investor workshops, helping you develop not just a plan, but your plan, including:

  • Defining your end goal, and how much real estate you need to achieve it
  • Determining the kinds of investments that are right for you
  • Identifying obstacles to your success, and overcoming them
  • Discovering financing options and solutions, including recent changes that affect investors

New investors will get the thorough background information they need to get started, while more experienced investors will benefit from exploring alternative options and lesser-known strategies. Both will see how long-term thinking is the key to their portfolio's continued profitability.

The best way to achieve your goals is to plan for your success, and there's no better tool to help you do just that than The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan.

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Foreword by Don R. Campbell.

Mission Statement.



Chapter 1: Why Are You Buying Real Estate?

Chapter 2: What Is the Goal for Your Real Estate Investment?

Chapter 3: What Will You Need to Support Your Lifestyle?

Chapter 4: How Much Real Estate Will You Need to Buy to Reach Your Goal?

Chapter 5: Overcoming Obstacle One—Qualifying at the Bank.

Chapter 6: Managing Your Cap Space.

Chapter 7: Commercial Mortgages.

Chapter 8: Overcoming Obstacle Two—Coming Up with the Down Payment.


Chapter 9: Phase One—Seed Capital.

Chapter 10: Utilizing Your Seed Capital.

Chapter 11: Attracting Joint Venture Capital.

Chapter 12: The Halfway Point.

Chapter 13: Phase Two of the Three-Phase Action Plan.

Chapter 14: Phase Three—The Final Phase.



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