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The Carbon Cycle and Atmospheric CO2: Natural Variations Archean to Present

The Carbon Cycle and Atmospheric CO2: Natural Variations Archean to Present

E. T. Sundquist (Editor), W. S. Broecker (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66432-2

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

627 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 32.

Readers of this book will generally fit into two groups. One group is geologists and geochemists, who have studied the global carbon cycle for many decades. These readers will find that the papers in this book present a new view of familiar themes. Whereas much previous work on the carbon cycle, and other geochemical cycles, has emphasized the nature of the steady state maintained by complex networks of feedbacks, recent attention has shifted to the changes implied by the way these feedbacks respond to perturbations.


Geological Perspectives on Carbon Dioxide and the Carbon Cycle
Eric T. Sundquist 5

A Reexamination of the Tropospheric Methane Cycle: Geophysical Implications
Gunnar I. Senurn and Jeffrey S. Gaffney 61

C02 Driven Equator-to-Pole Paleotemperatures: Predictions of an Energy Balance Climate
Model With and Without a Tropical Evaporation Buffer
Brian P. Flannery, Andrew J. Callegari, Martin I. Hoffert, C. T. Hseih, and Mark D. Wainget 70

Organic Carbon Preservation in Marine Sediments Sieven Emerson 78

Transient Response of the Marine Carbon Cycle
John R. Southam and William H. Peterson 89

Ocean Carbon Pumps: Analysis of Relative Strengths and Efficiencies in Ocean-Driven
Atmospheric CO2 Changes
Tyler Volk and Martin I. Hoffert 99

Detection of El Nino and Decade Time Scale Variations of Sea Surface Temperature From
Banded Coral Records: Implications for the Carbon Dioxide Cycle
Ellen R. M. Druffel 111

Atmospheric CO2 Variations Based on the Tree-Ring 13C Record
T.-H. Peng 123


Variations of the CO2 Concentration of Occluded Air and of Anions and Dust in Polar Ice
Cores H. Oeschger, B. Stauffer, R. Finkel, and C. C. Langway, Jr. 132

Accelerator Radiocarbon Ages on Foraminifera Separated From Deep-Sea Sediments
M. Andre, J. Beer, H. Oeschger, A. Mix, W. Broecker, N. Ragano, P. O'Hara, G. Bonani, H. J. Hofmann, E. Morenzoni, M. Nessi, M. Surer, and W. Wolfie   143

Changes in Atmospheric CO2: Factors Regulating the Glacial to Interglacial Transition
Fanny Knox Ennever and Michael B. McElroy 154

Glacial to Interglacial Changes in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: The Critical Role of Ocean
Surface Water in High Latitudes
J. R. Toggweiler and J. L. Sarmiento 163

The High-Latitude Ocean as a Control of Atmospheric CO2
T. Wenk and U. Siegenthaler 185

Last Deglaciation in the Bahamas: A Dissolution Record From Variations of Aragonite Content?
Andre W. Droxler 195

Late Holocene Carbonate Dissolution in the Equatorial Pacific: Reef Growth or Neoglaciation?
R. S. Keir and W. H. Berger 208

CarbonC ycle Variations During the Past 50,000Y ears: Atmospheric 14C/12C Ratio as an
Isotopic Indicator
Devendra Lal 221


Carbonate Preservation and Rates of Climatic Change: An 800 kyr Record From the Indian Ocean
L. C. Peterson and W. L. Prell

Late Quaternary Carbonate Changes in the North Atlantic and Atlantic/Pacific Comparisons
Thomas J. Crowley 271

Carbon Deposition Rates and Deep Water Residence Time in the Equatorial Atlantic Ocean
Throughout the Last 160,000 Years
W. B. Curry and G. P. Lohmann 285

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, Orbital Forcing, and Climate
N. J. Shackleton and N. G. Pisias 303

Carbon Isotopes in Deep-Sea Benthic Foraminifera: Precession and Changes in Low-Latitude Biomass
Lloyd D. Keigwin and Edward A. Boyle 319

Carbon Isotope Variations in Surface Waters of the Gulf of Mexico on Time Scales of 10,000,
30,000, 150,000 and 2 Million Years
Douglas F. Williams 329

Carbon isotope Record of Late Quaternary Coral Reefs: Possible Index of Sea Surface Paleoproductivity
Paul Aharon 343


Distribution of Major Vegetational Types During the Tertiary
Jack A. Wolfe 357

Cenozoic Fluctuations in Biotic Parts of the Global Carbon Cycle
Jerry S. Olson 377

An Improved Geochemical Model of Atmospheric C02 Fluctuations Over the Past 100 Million Years
Antonio C. Lasaga, Robert A. Berner, and Robert M. Garrels 397

Oceanic Carbon Isotope Constraints on Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in the Cenozoic Atmosphere
N. J. Shackleton 412

Charcoal Fluxes into Sediments of the North Pacific Ocean: The Cenozoic Record of Burning
James R. Herring 419

Changesin CalciumC arbonateA ccumulationi n the Equatorial PacificD uring the Late
Cenozoic: Evidence From HPC Site 572
Nicklas G. Pisias and Warren L. Prell 443

Carbon Dioxide and Polar Cooling in the Miocene: The Monterey Hypothesis
Edith Vincent and Wolfgang H. Berger 455

Oligocene to Miocene Carbon Isotope Cycles andA byssal Circulation Changes
Kenneth G. Miller and Richard G. Fairbanks 469

A "Strangelove" Ocean in the Earliest Tertiary
Kenneth J. Hsu and Judith A. McKenzie 487

Mantle Degassing Induced Dead Ocean in the Cretaceous-Tertiary Transition
Dewey M. McLean 493


Variations in the Global Carbon Cycle During the Cretaceous Related to Climate, Volcanism,
and Changes in Atmospheric CO2
M. A. Arthur, W. E. Dean, and S. 0. Schlanger 504

Warm Cretaceous Climates: High Atmospheric CO2 as a Plausible Mechanism
Eric J. Barron and Warren M. Washington 546

Mid-Cretaceous Continental Surface Temperatures: Are High CO2 Concentrations Needed to
Simulate Above-Freezing Winter Conditions?
Stephen H. Schneider, Starley L. Thompson, and Eric G. Barron 554

Proterozoic to Recent Tectonic Tuning of Biogeochemical Cycles
T.R. Worsley, J. B. Moody, and R. D. Nance 561

Potential Errors in Estimates of Carbonate Rock Accumulating Through Geologic Time
William W. Hay 573

Nonskeletal Aragonite and pCO2 in the Phanerozoic and Proterozoic
Philip A. Sandberg 585

Carbonatesa nd Ancient Oceans:Is otopica nd ChemicalR ecordo n Time Scaleso f 10L-109
Jan Veizer 595

Carbon Exchange Between the Mantle and the Crust, and Its Effect Upon the Atmosphere:
Today Compared to Archean Time
David J. Des Marais 602

Photochemical Consequences of Enhanced CO2 Levels in Earth's Early Atmosphere
James F. Kasting 612