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The Care Home Handbook

The Care Home Handbook

Graham Mulley (Editor), Clive Bowman (Editor), Michal Boyd (Editor), Sarah Stowe (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-69032-1

Oct 2014, Wiley-Blackwell

464 pages



“I would recommend each Home purchase a copy”- Ian Turner, Chair, Registered Nursing Home Association

“Identifies a gap in the sector and offers a practical means of addressing the need.”- Des Kelly, OBE, Executive Director, National Care Forum

The Care Home Handbook has one aim: to improve the care and wellbeing of residents in care homes. It informs, reminds and refreshes the reader's knowledge, enabling care homes to meet the essential standards of care required of them.

Aimed at all nurses and healthcare assistants working in care homes, this invaluable, unique and jargon-free resource will help staff deliver skilful care, prevent poor practice, and build knowledge and confidence when working with older people. Grounded in everyday practice, this handbook promotes professional and person-centred care that is safe, high-quality, caring and compassionate. It features sections on the resident’s journey, values and standards, core nursing skills, common clinical conditions, medicines management, infection control, and risk.

Forewords x

Preface xii

List of Contributors xiii

Review Panel xvii

List of Abbreviations xviii

Section A: The Resident’s Journey 1

1 Admissions and Discharges 3

2 Life in a Care Home 21

Section B: Values, Standards, Ethics and Probity 45

3 Respect and Dignity 47

4 Rights and Legal Considerations 58

Section C: Core Nursing and Personal Care Skills 73

5 Feeding and Nutrition, Hygiene, and Promotion of Continence 75

Section D: Common Clinical Conditions 101

6 Mobility and Falls 103

7 Vision, Hearing and Foot Care 123

8 Major Medical Problems 133

9 Medical Emergencies 155

Section E: Mental Health Problems 191

10 Dementia, Delirium and Depression 193

Section F: Medicines Management 209

11 The Management of Medications 211

Section G: Infection Prevention and Control 233

12 Infection Prevention 235

13 Managing Specific Infections 257

Section H: Procedures and Observations 279

14 Specialised Procedures 281

15 Clinical Measurement and Observations 295

Section I: The End of Life 317

16 Dying and Death 319

Section J: Contacting Other Professionals 339

17 Referrals and Template Letters to Colleagues 341

Section K: What if … 375

18 Dealing with Challenging Problems 377

Appendix 1: Rating Scales 391

Appendix 2: When to Request Urgent Medical Help 431
Graham Mulley

Index 435