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The Case Against Spanking: How to Discipline Your Child Without Hitting

The Case Against Spanking: How to Discipline Your Child Without Hitting

Irwin A. Hyman

ISBN: 978-0-787-90342-8 April 1997 Jossey-Bass 250 Pages


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This book offers parents and teachers constructive methods of discipline, useful for everyday situations. It documents the long-term negative effects of spanking?how it brutalizes kids and creates violent adults. Irwin Hyman, an expert in the field of home and school discipline, explains in a passionate and compelling style why spanking or hitting children is abusive, destructive, and counterproductive. He then gives common sense advice on alternative forms of discipline, which help to raise happy and emotionally stable children.
An Alien Point of View.

Abuse or Discipline?

Why We Hit and What It Does to Kids.

Back to Basics: What You Need to Know About EffectiveDiscipline.

Changing Your Approach to Discipline.

Rewards and Punishments.

Anger and Resentment.

Using Therapeutic Techniques.

What We Need to Do Next.
?A `must-read' book about the spanking controversy that should beof interest to parents, parent educators, and mental healthprofessionals.? --Charles E. Schaefer, coauthor of How to Talk toYour Kids About Really Important Things

"A good addition to most public library parentingcollections."

"In this informative text, Hyman shores up his passion forchildren's rights with logic and research."

"[Hyman] presents a convincing arguement against spanking in thehome and includes a Parent Punitive Quiz by which readers canmeasure their attitudes toward punishment."