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The Cellular Connection: A Guide to Cellular Telephones, 4th Edition

The Cellular Connection: A Guide to Cellular Telephones, 4th Edition

Robert A. Steuernagel

ISBN: 978-0-471-31652-7 October 1999 132 Pages


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How to choose cellular service wisely and become an adept cellularuser

Keeping in touch via cellular is increasingly vital in today'sfast--paced world. The technology now boasts over 50 millionsubscribers, and that figure is expected to double in the next fiveyears. Whether you are a regular user or an industry professional,The Cellular Connection, Fourth Edition helps you keep current inthe field. Written in a nontechnical language by an industryinsider, this new edition of a highly successful book (over aquarter million copies sold!) demystifies both service andtechnology, explains the shift from mobiles to portables, andupdates all information on cellular phone equipment. Numerousillustrations, photographs, and a special Cellular Buyer'sChecklist accompany this unique guide. The Cellular Connection,Fourth Edition answers all your cellular telephony questions,including:
* How the cellular system works
* The purposes and advantages of various features
* How to choose, install, and operate your phone
* How to make sense of your phone bill
* What to do when traveling outside your home area
* How to tell when you're roaming
* What's in the future, including digital cellular and PCS
An Introduction to Cellular Phone Systems.

Cellular Phone Equipment.

The Business of Cellular Phones.

Getting Cellular Service.

The Bill, Please.

Hello, Ma? It's Me!


Mobile and Transportable Phones.

Options and Accessories.

Dealing With Operational Difficulties.

Safety and Security.

Into the Future.