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The Certifiable Salesperson: The Ultimate Guide to Help Any Salesperson Go Crazy with Unprecedented Sales!



The Certifiable Salesperson: The Ultimate Guide to Help Any Salesperson Go Crazy with Unprecedented Sales!

Tom Hopkins, Laura Laaman

ISBN: 978-0-471-43092-6 January 2003 165 Pages


"If you are a salesperson, you will find yourself in this book. Treat it like your road map to success and you will be a professional salesperson."
- Willis Turner, CSE President, Sales and Marketing Executives International, Inc.

"This action-oriented book covers the best practices of top sales performers in all critical areas. The lessons are easy to learn and they will help you forge more rewarding customer relationships, a higher income, and a richer career satisfaction. A must-read for any salesperson who wants to improve and reach the next level of success."
- Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and Publisher, Selling Power magazine

"As a professor teaching MBA students for twenty years, I encourage everyone in management to make this required reading for their sales teams."
- Dr. Michael Russell, Chairman of the Marketing Dept., St. Bonaventure University

"Each page is full of ideas for instant sales and commissions!"
- Anthony Parinello, author of Secrets of VITO: Think and Sell Like a CEO
The Road to Sales.

Lesson 1. The Mind and Body of a Great Salesperson.

Lesson 2. Discipline of a Top Salesperson.

Lesson 3. The Likeability of a Great Salesperson.

Lesson 4. The Voice of a Great Salesperson.

Lesson 5. The Image of a Great Salesperson.

Lesson 6. The Need for and Art of Friendly Control.

Lesson 7. Understanding Different Personalities.

Lesson 8. Using Your Instinct to Read Others.

Lesson 9. Anatomy of a Sale.

Lesson 10. Networking.

Lesson 11. Getting as Many Appointments as Possible.

Lesson 12. Overcoming the Fear of Rejection.

Lesson 13. Great Greetings.

Lesson 14. Qualifying.

Lesson 15. Shutting Down the Competition.

Lesson 16. Powerful Presentations.

Lesson 17. Objection Prevention.

Lesson 18. Commandments of Closing.

Lesson 19. Overcoming Final Objections.

Lesson 20. Facts and Fears of Follow-Up.

Lesson 21. The Competitive Advantage of Referrals.

Lesson 22. The Vision of a Great Salesperson: Goals.

Lesson 23. Time Planning.

Lesson 24. Self-Analysis of Great Salespeople.

The Lunch.

Months Later.