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The Change Leader's Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization's Transformation, 2nd Edition



The Change Leader's Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization's Transformation, 2nd Edition

Linda Ackerman Anderson, Dean Anderson

ISBN: 978-0-470-87793-7 October 2010 Pfeiffer 400 Pages


This is the most complete change methodology we have found anywhere."
-- Pete Fox, General Manager, Corporate Accounts, Microsoft US

In these turbulent times, competent change leadership is a most coveted leadership skill, and savvy change consultants are becoming trusted participants at the board table. For both leaders and consultants, knowing how to navigate the complexities of organization transformation is fast becoming the key to a successful career. This second edition of the author?s landmark book is the king of all ?how-to? books on change. It provides a strategic overview of the author?s proven change process methodology, as well as pragmatic guidance and tools for each key step in a complex transformational change process. The Change Leader?s Roadmap is the most comprehensive guide available for building transformational change strategy and designing and implementing successful transformation.

  • Based on thirty years of action research with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, the military, and large non-profit global organizations.
  • Outlines every key step in a transformational change process
  • Provides worksheets, tools, case examples, and assessments that you can immediately apply to all types of change efforts
  • Includes updated information on a wealth of topics including the critical path tasks and how to use the CLR to change minds and cultures
  • The new edition also includes new activities, methods for building change capability, guiding principles for change, and advice for leading the human dynamics in change and creating an organizational vision.

This book is specifically written for leaders, project managers, OD practitioners, change practitioners, and consultants seeking greater change results.

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Foreword xxiii

Preface xxvii

Acknowledgments xxxi

Introduction 1


1. Phase I: Prepare to Lead the Change: Start Up, Staff,and Create Your Case for Change 36

Hearing the Wake-Up Call 38

Phase I: Prepare to Lead the Change 39

Activity I.A: Start Up and Staff Change Effort 40

Activity I.B: Create Case for Change and Determine Initial Desired Outcomes 54

Consulting Questions for Activity I.A 72

Consulting Questions for Activity I.B 74

2. Phase I: Prepare to Lead the Change: Assess and Build Your Organization’s Readiness and Capacity, and Build Leaders’ Capability to Lead the Change 77

Activity I.C: Assess and Build Organization’s Readiness and Capacity 79

Activity I.D: Build Leaders’ Capability to Lead the Change 85

Consulting Questions for Activity I.C 101

Consulting Questions for Activity I.D 102

3. Phase I: Prepare to Lead the Change: Clarify Your Overall Change Strategy 105

Activity I.E: Clarify Overall Change Strategy 106

Consulting Questions for Activity I.E 130

4. Phase I: Prepare to Lead the Change: Build the Infrastructure and Conditions to Support Your Change Effort 135

Activity I.F: Build Infrastructure and Conditions to Support Change Effort 138

Consulting Questions for Activity I.F 160

5. Phase II: Create Organizational Vision, Commitment, and Capability 164

Activity II.A: Build Organizational Understanding of Case for Change, Vision, and Change Strategy 166

Activity II.B: Increase Organization’s Capability to Change 177

Consulting Questions for Activity II.A 182

Consulting Questions for Activity II.B 183

6. Phase III: Assess the Situation to Determine Design Requirements 185

Activity III.A: Assess the Situation to Determine Design Requirements 187

Consulting Questions for Activity III.A 192


7. Phase IV: Design the Desired State 196

Activity IV.A: Design Desired State 198

Consulting Questions for Activity IV.A 207

8. Phase V: Analyze the Impact 209

Activity V.A: Analyze Impacts of Desired State 213

Consulting Questions for Activity V.A 220

9. Phase VI: Plan and Organize for Implementation 222

Activity VI.A: Develop Implementation Master Plan 224

Activity VI.B: Prepare Organization to Support Implementation 231

Consulting Questions for Activity VI.A 237

Consulting Questions for Activity VI.B 239


10. Phase VII: Implement the Change 242

Activity VII.A: Implement the Change 244

Consulting Questions for Activity VII.A 251

11. Phase VIII: Celebrate and Integrate the New State 253

Activity VIII.A: Celebrate Achievement of Desired State 255

Activity VIII.B: Support Integration and Mastery of New State 256

Consulting Questions for Activity VIII.A 264

Consulting Questions for Activity VIII.B 264

12. Phase IX: Learn and Course-Correct 266

Activity IX.A: Build System to Continuously Improve New State 268

Activity IX.B: Learn from Your Change Process and Establish Best Practices 270

Activity IX.C: Dismantle Temporary Change Infrastructure 273

Consulting Questions for Activity IX.A 275

Consulting Questions for Activity IX.B 275

Consulting Questions for Activity IX.C 276


13. Putting The Change Leader’s Roadmap into Practice 278

The Model as a Thinking Discipline 278

Developmental Stages for Learning the CLR Methodology 279

Reactions to The Change Leader’s Roadmap Model 283

A Top-Down Versus a Multi-directional Approach to Change 287

14. Opportunities for Leveraging The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology 292

The CLR Critical Path 293

Using The Change Leader’s Roadmap as Your Common Change Methodology 293

Using the CLR to Change Your Organization’s Culture 302

The CLR Just-in-Time Consulting Strategy 304

Accelerating the Change Process 308

Using the CLR as a Phase Gate Process 312

15. Continuing the Journey to Conscious Change Leadership 316

Some Thoughts for Consultants 317

Some Thoughts for Leaders 318

Appendix: Phases, Activities, and Tasks of the Change Leader’s Roadmap 323

Bibliography 329

About the Authors 341

Index 345

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