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The Change Leader: Using a Gestalt Approach with Work Groups

The Change Leader: Using a Gestalt Approach with Work Groups

H. B. Karp

ISBN: 978-0-883-90469-5

Oct 1995, Pfeiffer

224 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A how-to micro-approach to implementing change

For the first time, here is a practical, basic guide to leading individuals and groups through change, from a Gestalt perspective. Step-by-step, this reference guide shows you how to lead change efforts and implement them with maximum results.

Taking a micro-approach to change, this unique resource is presented in workbook form to teach you:

* The roles that power and self-interest play in the change process
* What power really is and how it works
* Aspects of, assumptions about, and steps in the change process
* The role of the change leader and styles of change leadership
* How to frame and present the demand for change
* How to develop a change contract with the group
* How to explore the change and obtain commitment to it
* What resistance really is and how to work with it
* How to negotiate aspects of the change
* What situational exclusion is and when to use it
* How to conduct the change meeting and implement the change

Packed with action steps, examples, and activities for the change leader and the group, The Change Leader is a necessary reference for every manager, trainer, and consultant called on to effect change and organizational improvement.

Power and Self-Interest: The Driving Forces Behind Change.

Understanding Change.

The Dynamics of Change.

The Change Contract.

Techniques for Obtaining Commitment.

Working With Resistance.

Negotiating Change.

Situational Exclusion.

Implementing Change.