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The Chemical Biology of Plant Biostimulants

The Chemical Biology of Plant Biostimulants

Danny Geelen

ISBN: 978-1-119-35719-3

Aug 2019

320 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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This book will present examples of chemical biology approaches that have resulted in the identification of new small chemicals with an impact on plant development and physiology, and give illustrations of how the mode of action is being studied using molecular tools. Although molecular laboratory experiments have a high discovery rate and give very detailed information on the studied processes, the interchange of field studies and that of lab scale investigations is required to narrow down the parameters that determine the effectiveness of biostimulants, something that is of great importance for the successful commercialization of these products. Examples will be given of studies that contribute to closing the gap between the lab and the field.

Topics covered include:
• Introduction to biostimulants
• Categories of biostimulants: humic acid and fulvic acid, amino acids and protein hydrolysate, seaweed extracts, chitin/chitosan/oligosaccharides, substances with hormone like activities:
• Small molecule identification and metabolomics: technology to detect the fate of biostimulants, chemical screens and reporter systems
• Biostimulant mode of action
• Biostimulant by design: in silico structure prediction
• Biostimulants, a practical guide: Examples of commercial biostimulants with more or less known mode of action

The biostimulant business and agricultural scientists are showing an increased interest in investigating the mode of action of biostimulants. This book will help them to get an overview of different aspects of biostimulant research, and provide access to new approaches and methods being developed in the wake of chemical biological studies.