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The Chemist's English: with ""Say It in English, Please!"", 3rd, Revised Edition



The Chemist's English: with ""Say It in English, Please!"", 3rd, Revised Edition

Robert Schoenfeld

ISBN: 978-3-527-28003-2 August 1997 207 Pages


In the days of globalization speaking and writing good English is a must, not only for chemists. That good English stands the test of time can be proved by this longselling title!

Comments on this book:

'Chemists owe it to themselves to read this book, and a high proportion of those who do are likely to want a copy to keep all to themselves ...'
Journal of the American Chemical Society
'Recommended without qualification; and a suitable gift for friends.'
Chemical and Engineering News
'There are plenty of useful tips ... in this modestly priced bijou.'
Clinical Chemistry
'What recommends THE CHEMIST'S English is above all its readability ...'
Angewandte Chemie
'This book is too good to be confined to chemists; the message is there for all scientists.'
Australian Broadcasting Commission.
'This book, which may well be one of a kind, is an utter delight.'
Carbohydrate Chemistry
'The book might well serve as a prescribed text for PhD students.'
1 To Get Acquainted

2 The Search for the Missing Ablative

3 Arguing with Authority

4 Defying the Dictionary

5 To Reflux or not to Reflux

6 Amazing Revelations: English Scientists Secretly Practise German Vice!

7 Of Nuts, Muttons and Shotguns

8 Tetravalency of Carbon Disproved!

9 This Chapter Explains

10 The Painful Plight of the Pendent Participle—Preamble

11 Discussing the Sentry Participle, We

12 The Case Against the Advocate

13 That’s the Way She Crumbles, Language-Wise

14 Now, from the Pen that Gave You Monglish, Comes Gerglish

15 The Chemist and the Capercailzie

16 That Fellow Acronym He All Time Make Trouble

17 On the Divisibility of Earth/Worms

18 Instant Stylistics

19 A Piece of Classified Information

20 An Investigative Examination of Driveliferous Jargonogenesis

21 Brevity = Soul of Wit?

22 One, Hand, Clapping

23 Alphabetical Disorder

24 Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Data?

25 Yes, Virginia, There Is a Temperature

26 The Truth about the Truth

27 They Also Serve Who Only Pull and Tug

28 On the Training of Old Dogs for Which-Hunting

29 A Package of Strings

30 A Clash of Symbols

31 In Praise of Prepositions

32 A Prowl Among Personal Pronouns

33 How Good is Your English? How Good is English?

34 A Chemical Analysis of the English Sentence

35 Lights! Camera! Action!

36 Say It in English, Please!