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The Chemistry of Enamines, 2 Volume Set

The Chemistry of Enamines, 2 Volume Set

Zvi Rappoport (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-93339-7

Oct 1994

1720 pages

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International contributors present papers concerned with the structural, theoretical and synthetic properties of enamines which act as important intermediates in many syntheses of organic compounds containing oxygen. Cycloaddition reactions, electrochemistry, hydrolysis and biochemistry of enamines; enediamines; and metalated enamines are among the topics discussed.
Partial table of contents:

Enamines: General and Theoretical Aspects (G. Hafelinger & H.-G.


Structural Chemistry of Enamines: A Statistical Approach (B. Oleksyn, et al.).

Thermochemistry of Enamines (J. Liebman & H. Perks).

NMR Spectra (J. Chiara & A. Gomez-Sanchez).

The Reactivity of Ionized Enamines in the Gas Phase (P. Longiavalle).

The Electrochemistry of Enamines (T. Shono).

Enaminones as Synthones (U. Kucklander).

Radiation Chemistry of Enamines (Z. Alfassi).

Electrophilic and Nucleophilic Substitution and Addition Reactions of Enamines (P. Hickmott).

Oxidation and Reduction of Enamines (G. Pitacco & E. Valentin).

Biochemistry of Enamines (F. Jordan).

Heterocyclic Synthesis from Enamines (G. Boyd).

Reactions of Dienamines (P. Hickmott).