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The Chemistry of Free Radicals: N-Centered Radicals

The Chemistry of Free Radicals: N-Centered Radicals

Zeev B. Alfassi (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-96186-4 November 1998 728 Pages


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Radicals play a major role as intermediates in many chemical reactions. They contribute to transformations in the atmosphere, living organisms, chemical synthesis, combustion and detonation amongst others. This comprehensive and conclusive book discusses all these aspects. N-centered Radicals deals with NOx and NCO, relatively stable radicals whose presence in the atmosphere influences the metabolism of living organisms. Also included are NHx, NCH and N3, important in radical studies, chemical synthesis, detonation and metabolism. Until now there has been no single volume bringing together all aspects of N-centered radical chemistry, from formation, to their chemistry in aqueous environments, biological systems and the atmosphere. N-centered Radicals is essential reading for researchers in organic, physical and environmental chemistry, biology and all others examining the effects of N-centered radicals.

Radical Chemistry, 5 Volume Set

This item: The Chemistry of Free Radicals: N-Centered Radicals

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The Chemistry of Free Radicals: N-Centered Radicals

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Reactions of NO in the Gaseous Phase (G. Dorthe).

Gas Phase Reactions of Nitrogen Dioxide (B. Weiner & K.Barnhard).

Nitrogen Dioxide Reactivity Toward Organic Donors in the LiquidPhase (E. Bosch & J. Kochi).

Reactions of NO2 in Argon Matrices (M. Nakata).

Nitrogen Dioxide in Biology: Correlating Chemical Kinetics withBiological Effects (P. Wardman).

Toxicity of Nitrogen Oxides (N. Elsayed).

Experimental Study of the Nitrate Radical (R. Wayne).

Reactions of NO3 Radicals in the Gas Phase (G. LeBras).

Reactions of NO3-Radicals in Aqueous Solution (H. Hermann & R.Zellner).

Reactions of NO3 Radicals in Organic Solvents (O. Ito).

NOx in the Atmosphere (C. Cantrell).

NO2 and NO3 Radicals in the Radiolysis of Nitric Acid Solutions (Y.Katsumura).

NH Radical Reactions (W. Hack).

Reactions of NH2 in the Gas Phase (A. Mebel, et al.).

The NH2 Radical in Aqueous Solutions (Z. Alfassi, et al.).

Reactions of NCO and NCS Radicals (J. Hershberger).

SCN and OCN Radicals in Aqueous Solutions (Z. Alfassi).

Imidyl Radicals (J. Lind & G. Merenyi).

Indolyl Radicals (L. Candeias).

Anilinyl Radicals (G. Merenyi & J. Lind).

Chemistry of Nitroarene and Aromatic N-oxide Radicals (P.Wardman).

Homolytic Addition Reactions of Dialkylaminyl Radicals (B. Maxwell& J. Tsanaktsidis).

Thermochemistry of N-Centered Radicals (D. Armstrong).