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The Chemistry of Free Radicals: Peroxyl Radicals

The Chemistry of Free Radicals: Peroxyl Radicals

Zeev B. Alfassi (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-97065-1

Apr 1997

546 pages

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Peroxy radicals are formed in biological systems, the atmosphere and agueous waste and are important intermediates in the breakdown both of organic molecules and several inorganic species. The implications of their chemistry are far reaching and of great importance. Until now their has been no one volume which bring together all aspects of peroxy radical chemistry - from their formation, to their wide and varied chemistry in the aqueous environment, biological systems, solid matrices, polymeric systems and the atmosphere. Peroxy radicals react with CFCs and HFCs in the atmosphere, resulting in the further destruction of the ozone layer - a point which is of topical interest.

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Partial table of contents:

Formation of Peroxyl Radicals in Solution (Z. Alfassi).

Methods of Preparing Organic Peroxy Radicals for Laboratory Studies (O. Nielsen & T. Wallington).

The Thermochemistry of Peroxides and Polyoxides, and their Free Radicals (S. Benson & N. Cohen).

Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of Peroxy Radicals in the Gas Phase (O. Nielsen & T. Wallington).

Kinetic Studies of Organic Peroxyl Radicals in Aqueous Solutions and Mixed Solvents (Z. Alfassi, et al.).

Electron Spin Resonance Studies of Peroxyl Radicals in Solid Matrices (C. Rhodes).

Organic Peroxy Radicals in Polymeric Systems (Y. Hori).

Peroxy Radicals and the Atmosphere (T. Wallington & O. Nielsen).

Peroxyl Radicals in the Treatment of Waste Solutions (N. Getoff).