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The Chemistry of Metal CVD

The Chemistry of Metal CVD

Toivo T. Kodas, Mark J. Hampden-Smith

ISBN: 978-3-527-61585-8

Dec 2007

562 pages

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High purity, thin metal coatings have a variety of important commercial applications, for example, in the microelectronics industry, as catalysts, as protective and decorative coatings as well as in gas-diffusion barriers. This book offers detailed, up- to-date coverage of the chemistry behind the vapor deposition of different metals from organometallic precursors. In nine chapters, the CVD of metals including aluminum, tungsten, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, nickel, as well as copper from copper(I) and copper(II) compounds is covered. The synthesis and properties of the precursors, the growth process, morphology, quality and adhesion of the resulting films as well as laser- assisted, ion- assisted and plasma-assisted methods are discussed. Present applications and prospects for future developments are summarized. With ca. 1000 references and a glossary, this book is a unique source of in-depth information. It is indispensable for chemists, physicists, engineers and materials scientists working with metal- coating processes and technologies.

From Reviews:
'I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about the chemistry of metal CVD.'
J. Am Chem. Soc.
From the Contents:
Jairath/Jain/Tolles/Kodas/Hampden-Smith: Introduction. Simmonds/Gladfelter: Aluminum.
Zinn: Tungsten. Griffin/Maverick: Copper from Copper(II). Hampden-Smith/Kodas: Copper
from Copper(I). Baum/Comita: Gold and Silver. Zinn/Brandt/Kaes: Platinum, Palladium, Nickel.
Kodas/Hampden-Smith: Assorted Metals. Kodas/Hampden-Smith: Overview of Metal CVD