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The Chemistry of Metal Enolates, 2 Volume Set

The Chemistry of Metal Enolates, 2 Volume Set

Jacob Zabicky (Editor), Zvi Rappoport (Series Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-74341-6

May 2009

1250 pages



Metal Enolates form a class of compounds that have recently received much study because of their part in the important C-C-bond forming aldol reaction. Focusing on this important class of compounds in organic synthesis, The Chemistry of Metal Enolates features contributions on all aspects of Metal Enolate chemistry from the world?s leading experts. Delivering the exceptional quality that?s expected from the Patai Series, this text is essential reading for organic chemists.
1. General and theoretical aspects of the metal enolates
Luis R. Domingo and Juan Andrés

2. Molecular structure of metal enolates
Ksenija Babiæ-Samardžija, Sofija P. Sovilj and Vladislava M. Jovanoviæ

3. Luminescence phenomena involving metal enolates
Hermi Felinto Brito, Oscar Manoel Loureiro Malta, Maria Claudia França Cunha Felinto and Ercules Epaminondas de Sousa Teotonio

4. Thermochemical considerations of metal enolates
Joel F. Liebman and Suzanne W. Slayden

5. Synthesis of metal enolato complexes
José Vicente

6. Coordination chemistry of metal enolato complexes
José Vicente

7. Metal enolates as synthons in organic chemistry
Daniel Stolz and Uli Kazmaier

8. Acid–base properties of enols and enolates
Jason Eames

9. Redox chemistry and electrochemistry of metal enolates
Guido Pampaloni and Piero Zanello

10. Catalysis using β-diketonato metal complexes
Stephen A. Westcott

11. Biological aspects of metal enolates
Li-June Ming

12. Analytical aspects of metal enolates
Eli Harlev, Shmuel Bittner and Jacob Zabicky

13. The chemistry of metal ynolates
Mitsuru Shindo

14. Lanthanide enolates as nuclear magnetic resonance shift reagents
Thomas J. Wenzel and Katelyn A. Provencher

15. Metal enolates in polymer science and technology
Philippe Lecomte and Robert Jérôme

16. Structure and properties of d8 metal–dithiolene complexes
Paola Deplano, M. Laura Mercuri, Angela Serpe and Luca Pilia

17. Deposition of metals and metal oxides by means of metal enolates
Heinrich Lang and Roy Buschbeck

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