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The Chemistry of Metal Phenolates

The Chemistry of Metal Phenolates

Jacob Zabicky (Editor), Zvi Rappoport (Series Editor), Joel F. Liebman (Series Editor), Ilan Marek (Series Editor), Saul Patai (Founding Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-97358-5

May 2014

1372 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Metal Phenolates open the synthetic chemistry to Phenols and Polyphenols, and are two very important compounds for biological processes such as ageing, signaling and cell repair. All chapters are first published online in Patai’s Chemistry of Functional Groups, and once a volume is completed online, it is published in print format. As expected from this series each volume treats all aspects of functional groups with extensive lists of contributors, author and subject indices.

“In conclusion, anyone who is interested in metal complexes with respect to both structural aspects and catalytic applications will benefit greatly from the contents of The Chemistry of Metal Phenolates.  The book provides an excellent overview of the topic and is definitely of great value and constitutes an excellent addition to the existing Patai Series.”  (Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 1 November 2015)