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The Chemistry of Organic Germanium, Tin and Lead Compounds



The Chemistry of Organic Germanium, Tin and Lead Compounds

Saul Patai (Editor), Zvi Rappoport (Series Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-94207-8 November 1995 1014 Pages


This is the first book to deal with C-Ge, C-Sn and C-Pb bonds asfunctional groups. This concept helps to better understand thechemistry of these compounds, which find an increasing amount ofapplications. The volume concentrates on analytical aspects, and onsafety and toxicology in the environment.

This volume is now available in electronic format from BooksOnline.
Partial table of contents:

The Nature of the C-M Bond (M = Ge, Sn, Pb) (H. Basch & T.Hoz).

Structural Aspects of Compounds Containing C-E (E = Ge, Sn, Pb)Bonds (K. Mackay).

ESR of Organogermanium, Organotin and Organolead Radicals (J.Iley).

Analytical Aspects of Organotin Compounds (J. Zabicky & S.Grinberg).

Analytical Aspects of Organolead Compounds (J. Zabicky & S.Grinberg).

Substituent Effects of Germanium, Tin and Lead Groups (M.Charton).

The Electrochemistry of Alkyl Compounds of Germanium, Tin and Lead(M. Michman).

The Environmental Methylation of Germanium, Tin and Lead (P. Craig& J. van Elteren).

Organotin Toxicology (L. Sherman).

Safety and Environmental Effects (S. Maeda).