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The Chemistry of Organic Silicon Compounds, Volume 2, Parts 1, 2, and 3 (3 Part Set)

The Chemistry of Organic Silicon Compounds, Volume 2, Parts 1, 2, and 3 (3 Part Set)

Zvi Rappoport (Editor), Yitzhak Apeloig (Editor), Saul Patai (Series Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-96757-6

Sep 1998

2830 pages

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Organosilicon compounds are key organometallic compounds (R-Si) which have many uses in materials science and in metallurgy. Their applications include the synthesis of sugars and in the synthesis of organic compounds for the pharmaceutical industry. This volume will contain both updated chapters on key topics included in the original volumes as well as a number of new chapters reflecting the rapid developments made in silicon chemistry and its applications to organometallic chemistry, materials science, and semiconductors, over the last five years. As for the majority of volumes in this series, chapters will be prepared by leading scientists in the field.

This volume is now available in electronic format from Books Online. 

Theoretical Aspects and Quantum Mechanical Calculations of Silaaromatic Compounds (Y. Apeloig & M. Karni).

A Molecular Modeling of the Bonded Interactions of Crystalline Silica (G. Gibbs & M. Boisen).

Polyhedral Silicon Compounds (A. Sekiguchi & S. Nagase).

Thermochemistry (R. Becerra & R. Walsh).

The Structural Chemistry of Organosilicon Compounds (M. Kaftory, et al.).

?29Si NMR Spectroscopy of Organosilicon Compounds (Y. Takeuchi & T. Takayama).

Activating and Directive Effects of Silicon (A. Bassindale, et al.).

Steric Effects of Silyl Groups (J. Hwu, et al.).

Reaction Mechanisms of Nucleophilic Attack at Silicon (A. Bassindale, et al.).

Silicenium Ions: Quantum Chemical Computations (C. Maerker & P. Schleyer).

Silicenium Ions: Experimental Aspects (P. Lickiss).

Silyl-Substituted Carbocations (H. Siehl & T. Muller).

Silicon-Substituted Carbenes (G. Maas).

Alkaline and Alkaline Earth Silyl Compounds--Preparation and Structure (J. Belzner & U. Dehnert).

Mechanism and Structures in Alcohol Addition Reactions of Disilenes and Silenes (H. Sakurai).

Silicon-Carbon and Silicon-Nitrogen Multiply Bonded Compounds (T. Muller, et al.).

Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Silicon-Heteroatom Multiple Bonds (N. Tokitoh & R. Okazaki).

Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry of Silicon-Containing Molecules (N. Goldberg & H. Schwarz).

Matrix Isolation Studies of Silicon Compounds (G. Maier, et al.).

Electrochemistry of Organosilicon Compounds (T. Fuchigami).

The Photochemistry of Organosilicon Compounds (A. Brook).

Mechanistic Aspects of the Photochemistry of Organosilicon Compounds (M. Kira & T. Miyazawa).

Hypervalent Silicon Compounds (D. Kost & I. Kalikhman).

Silatranes and their Tricyclic Analogs (V. Pestunovich, et al.).

Tris(Trimethylsilyl)Silane in Organic Synthesis (C. Chatgilialoglu, et al.).

Recent Advances in the Direct Process (L. Lewis).

Acyl Silanes (P. Page, et al.).

Recent Synthetic Applications of Organosilicon Reagents (E. Colvin).

Recent Advances in the Hydrosilylation and Related Reactions (I. Ojima, et al.).

Synthetic Applications of Allylsilanes and Vinylsilanes (T. Luh & S. Liu).

Chemistry of Compounds with Silicon-Sulphur, Silicon-Selenium and Silicon-Tellurium Bonds (D. Armitage).

Cyclic Polychalcogenide Compounds with Silicon (N. Choi & W. Ando).

Organosilicon Derivatives of Fullerenes (W. Ando & T. Kusukawa).

Group 14 Metalloles, Ionic Species and Coordination Compounds (J. Dubac, et al.).

Transition-Metal Silyl Complexes (M. Eisen).

Cyclopentadienyl Silicon Compounds (P. Jutzi).

Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Cyclopolysilanes (E. Hengge & H. Stuger).

Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Siloxane Polymers and Copolymers (R. Drake, et al.).

Si-Containing Ceramic Precursors (R. Laine & A. Sellinger).

Organo-Silica Sol--Gel Materials (D. Avnir, et al.).

Chirality in Bioorganosilicon Chemistry (R. Tacke & S. Wagner).

Highly Reactive Small-Ring Monosilacycles and Medium-Ring Oligosilacycles (W. Ando & Y. Kabe).

Silylenes (P. Gaspar & R. West).