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The Chemistry of Organomagnesium Compounds, 2 Volume Set

The Chemistry of Organomagnesium Compounds, 2 Volume Set

Zvi Rappoport (Editor), Ilan Marek (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-75186-2 April 2008 920 Pages




Magnesium remains almost unique among the metals in its ability to react directly with a wide variety of compounds. This organic chemistry field has seen steady progress, and a volume on this topic is long overdue.  In the tradition of the Patai Series this title treats all aspects of functional groups, containing chapters on the theoretical and computational foundations; on analytical and spectroscopic aspects with dedicated chapters on Mass Spectrometry, NMR, IR/UV, etc.; on reaction mechanisms; on applications in syntheses. Depending on the functional group there are also chapters on industrial use, on effects in biological and/or environmental systems. Since the area of Organomagnesium Chemistry continues to grow far beyond the classical Grignard Reagents, this is an essential resource to help the reader keep abreast of the latest developments.
1. Structural organomagnesium chemistry (Johann T.B.H. Jastrzebski, Jaap Boersma and Gerard van Koten).

2. The thermochemistry of organomagnesium compounds (Joel F. Liebman, Torkil Holm and Suzanne W. Slayden).

3. NMR of organomagnesium compounds (Peter J. Heard).

4. Formation, chemistry and structure of organomagnesium species in solvent-free environments (Richard A. J. O'Hair).

5. Photochemical transformations involving magnesium porphyrins and phthalocyanines (Natalia N. Sergeeva and Mathias O. Senge).

6. Electrochemistry of organomagnesium compounds (Jan S. Jaworski).

7. Analytical aspects of organomagnesium compounds (Jacob Zabicky).

8. Biochemistry of magnesium (James Weston).

9. Theoretical studies of the addition of RMgX to carbonyl compounds (Shinichi Yamabe and Shoko Yamazaki).

10. Organomagnesium-group 15-and Organomagnesium-group 16-bonded complexes (Katherine L. Hull and Kenneth W. Henderson).

11. Preparation and reactivity of Magnesium enolates (Claude Grison).

12. Functionalized organomagnesium compounds: Synthesis and reactivity (Paul Knochel, Andrey Gavryushin and Katja Brade).

13. Iron-Catalyzed reactions of Grignard Reagents (Gérard Cahiez and Christophe Duplais).

14. Carbomagnesiation reactions (Kenichiro Itami and Jun-ichi Yoshida).

15. The chemistry of organomagnesium ate complexes (Hideki Yorimitsu and Koichiro Oshima).

16. The chemistry of magnesium carbenoids (Tsuyoshi Satoh).

17. Catalytic enantioselective conjugate addition and allylic alkylation reactions using Grignard reagents (Fernando López, Adriaan J. Minnaard and Ben L. Feringa).

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"This book continues the high standard of The Chemistry of Functional Groups series and is an essential resource for professional organic and inorganic chemists and their research groups who have an interest in organometallic chemistry. It could also prove useful in postgraduate teaching for designing a modern course on the subject. With the recent report of the first crystallographically characterized Mg - Mg bonded compound, this area is likely to increase in popularity and research activity; thus, the publication of this book is timely. A copy should be made available in every library that houses a section on advanced chemistry at the postgraduate level and above." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, November 12, 2008)