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The Chemistry of the Fullerenes

The Chemistry of the Fullerenes

Andreas Hirsch

ISBN: 978-3-527-61922-1 September 2008 215 Pages




Although synthetic fullerenes have only been around for a few years, there are thousands of scientific articles dealing with them. This is the first monograph in the field and thus represents a vital source of information summarizing the most important and fundamental aspects of the organic and organometallic chemistry of the fullerenes.
The book is logically arranged so that information is easy to retrieve, and the style lends itself to effortless reading and to learning more about the chemical properties of a family of molecules that constitute new building blocks for novel architectures in the ever-expanding universe of synthetic chemistry.
Belongs on the shelves of university libraries as well as those of chemists interested in the art and science of structure and property manipulation by synthesis.
Chapter 1. The Parent Fullerenes.

Chapter 2. Reduction.

Chapter 3. Nucleophilic Additions.

Chapter 4. Cycloadditions.

Chapter 5. Hydrogenation.

Chapter 6. Radical Additions.

Chapter 7. Transition Metal Complex Formation.

Chapter 8. Oxidation and Reactions with Electrophiles.

Chapter 9. Principles and Perspectives of Fullerene Chemistry.