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The Chemistry of the Metal Carbon Bond, Volume 4: The Use of Organometallic Compounds in Organic Synthesis

The Chemistry of the Metal Carbon Bond, Volume 4: The Use of Organometallic Compounds in Organic Synthesis

Frank R. Hartley (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-77177-8

Jan 2010

1366 pages

Select type: O-Book


The Chemistry of the Metal-Carbon Bond is a multi-volume work within the well established series of books covering The Chemistry of Functional Groups. It aims to cover the chemistry of the metal-carbon bond as a whole, but lays emphasis on the carbon end. It should therefore be of particular interest to the organic chemist. This fourth volume is concerned with the use of organometallic compounds in organic synthesis. It includes material concerned with carbon-carbon bond formation together with chapters concerned with the formation of carbon-hydrogen and other carbon- element bonds. The material is divided into two parts: the first part is concerned with the preparation of the main group organometallic compounds and their Use in organic synthesis. The second part includes the use of transition metal organometallics in organic synthesis as well as chapters on hydrogenation, saturated carbon-hydrogen bond activation and the rapidly expanding field of supported metal complex catalysts.
Preparation and Use in Organic Synthesis of Organolithium and Group 1A Organometallics (J. Wardell).

Preparation and Use of Grignard and Group II Organometallics in Organic Synthesis (C. Raston and G. Salem).

Preparation and Use of Organoboranes in Organic Synthesis (D. Matteson).

Preparation and Use of Organoaluminium Compounds in Organic Synthesis (P. Chaloner).

Preparation and Use of Organothallium (III) Compounds in Organic Synthesis. (S. Uemura).

Preparation and Use of Organosilicon Compounds in Organic Synthesis (E. Colvin).

Use of Organoiron Compounds in Organic Synthesis (D. Astruc).

Use of Organorhodium Compounds in Organic Synthesis (F. Jardine).

Use of Organonickel Compounds in Organic Synthesis (K. Tamao and M. Kumada).

Transition Metal-stabilised Carbocations in Organic Synthesis (A. Pearson).

Hydrogenation (D Parker).

The Mechanism of Homogeneous Hydrogenation (F. Jardine).

Saturated Carbon-Hydrogen Bond Activation (J. Chipperfield and D. Webster).

Supported Metal Complex Catalysts (F. Hartley).