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The Chrysalis Economy: How Citizen CEOs and Corporations Can Fuse Values and Value Creation



The Chrysalis Economy: How Citizen CEOs and Corporations Can Fuse Values and Value Creation

John Elkington

ISBN: 978-1-841-12142-0 August 2001 Capstone 308 Pages


Based on first-hand experience, The Chrysalis Economy explores some extraordinary cases of corporate meta-morphosis as we begin the long haul from today¹s Caterpillar Economy to tomorrow¹s Butterfly and Honeybee Economies. John Elkington looks over the shoulders of business leaders and boards as they build the values-based platforms essential for sustainable value creation. He also looks at the corporate cultures which will be needed and the steps required to achieve them.


Executive Summary.


Introduction: Inside the Chrysalis Economy.

Beyond the Limits: Planet, People and Politics.

Extreme Economics: The Real New Economy.


Value versus Values: Penetrating the Values and Value Barriers.

Inside the Cocoon: Are You Working for a CorporateCaterpillar, Locust, Butterfly or Honeybee?

The Citizen CEO: Leaders Aiming for the Triple Win.








Future Memories: Scenarios and Their Uses.

Kaleidoscope: A Dipstick Survey of SD Thought-Leaders.

Afterword: Can Civilizations be 'Built to Last'?



"Although John Elkington is without doubt the world's leading thinker with respect to sustainability and strategic corporate change, this book has far broader import and implications. The Chyrsalis Economy is critically relevant and fascinating, the most salient business book to emerge in a decade or more. With this, John Elkington joins his thinking and insight to the level of Sloan, Drucker, and Schumpeter. This is the voice of discerning reason in the sea of global contradictions that beset society, government, and commerce." - Paul Hawken, co-author, Natural Capitalism; President, Natural Capitalism Institute
"If capitalism survives, which its behavior at the outset of the 21st century makes a matter of doubt, John Elkington will have been one of the contributors to its deserving to do so. Against all the odds, the optimism which imbues this lively and challenging book could be made reality - but only if its lessons are learnt." - SIR GEOFFREY CHANDLER, Chair, Amnesty International UK Business Group, 1991-2001
"John is simply the field's maestro of incisive and enlightening metaphors - listen for the 'pings' going off in people's heads as they read this, his latest book." - SIMON ZADEK, author of The Civil Corporation; Chair, Institute of Social and Ethical Accountability, UK
"Is this book in your boardroom, your CEO's briefcase - or better yet, on his/her bedside table? In the search for reliable indicators of sustainability, the presence of The Chrysalis Economy in such places may prove to be a lead indicator suggesting how well your company or organisation is preparing to face the 21st century challenge of turning sustainability from prattle into practice. John Elkington's visionary but practical guide will help many business leaders make sense of sustainability. A book to steer by." - RALPH HALLO, President, European Environmental Bureau, Belgium
"John Elkington's newest work, The Chrysalis Economy, offers breath-taking insight into the most important trends of our new century and their implications for business and society. A thinker of extraordinary creativity and depth, he once again demonstrates why leaders all over the world turn to
him as advisor and guide." - ROBERT KINLOCH MASSIE, Executive Director, Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES), USA
"The Chrysalis Economy is just what my generation has been waiting for: a how-to manual on creating companies we would feel proud to work for. One compelling reason why CEOs and other corporate leaders should listen: the next generation of leaders won't work for you unless you do." - AMY MIDDELBURG, Sustainability Program Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Co-Founder, CSR Chicks, UK
"The Chrysalis Economy leaps to the top of the list of 'must-read' books for CEOs and other business leaders of today'John Elkington not only captures the tumultuous changes under way at the global intersection of business and society, but also provides a structure to understand it'" - JOHN PRESTBO, Editor, Dow Jones Indexes, USA

...a powerful case for businesses to reassess their values, relationships and will no longer be possible for companies to pretend that they want to be more responsible but do not know what to do or how to do it..." (Financial Times, 31 October 2001)

"..clearly and succinctly showing a detailed knowledge of the field...readable style and a gift for illuminating metaphors. Elkington also makes excellent use of various charts and diagrams..." (Environmental Business, November 2001)

"..The thinking throughout The Chrysalis Economy is rich. ( 8 January 2002)