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The Common LISP Companion

The Common LISP Companion

Timothy D. Koschmann

ISBN: 978-0-471-50308-8

Mar 1990

480 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A self-contained, intermediate-level introduction to the structure and syntax of Common Lisp, this text is the first based on the draft ANSI standard for Common Lisp. Presents the concepts of object-oriented programming and incorporates the Common Lisp Object-Oriented Systems (CLOS) of the new ANSI standard. Includes end-of-section exercises. The end-of-chapter problems are answered at the back of the book.

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Introduction--Wherefore Lisp?.

The Rule of Three--The Three Rules of Evaluation.

Forms and Functions--Defining Common Lisp Functions.

Inquisitor of Structures--Common Lisp Symbols.

Objects all Sublime--Common Lisp Structures.

Methods--Generic Functions.

Gently Down the Stream--Lisp I/O.

Functions Revisited--Advanced Features of Functions.

Program Structure--Structuring Code.

Programmation Etlogique--Logic Programming.

Epilogue--Common Lisp: A Reappraisal for Further Reading.