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The Complete Crumb Comics: Season of the Snoid, Volume 13

The Complete Crumb Comics: Season of the Snoid, Volume 13

R. Crumb, Maxon Crumb

ISBN: 978-1-560-97296-9

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120 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Back in print after a several year absence and with R. Crumb's popularity higher than ever in the wake of the bestselling R. Crumb's Genesis, this volume of The Complete Crumb Comics showcase several key years in Crumb's career.

Vol. 13 showcases the late 1970s, when Crumb's character the Snoid first appeared. That Crumb creation is a devilish imp, all id and no conscience, that some say is an alter ego of Crumb. Other highlights here include early collaborations with the late Harvey Pekar and a color section of covers Crumb drew for records by old-time blues and jazz musicians that beautifully convey his nostalgia for America's musical past. It also includes one of Crumb's most acclaimed works, "A Short History of America," whose 12 panels chart the nation's progress — or deterioration — from unspoiled pastoral landscape to a strip mall wasteland. Crumb's brother Maxon, whom viewers of the documentary film Crumb will remember as an impecunious yogi who sleeps on a bed of nails, contributes an idiosyncratic introduction offering a unique perspective on Robert's early years.