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The Complete Dentist: Positive Leadership and Communication Skills for Success



The Complete Dentist: Positive Leadership and Communication Skills for Success

Barry Polansky

ISBN: 978-1-119-25082-1 October 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 264 Pages


The Complete Dentist: Positive Leadership and Communication Skills for Success is a one-of-a-kind guide to starting and running an effective and successful dental practice. 

  • Presents tried-and-true ideas and methods for effective communication, blending positive psychology with leadership in dentistry
  • Describes the five elements of success and happiness, offering pathways to a flourishing dental practice
  • Considers the reasons why communication and leadership skills are important for dentists


Prologue viii

Introduction xiii

Part I The Problem 1

1 The Many Faces of Dentistry – A Fragmented Field 3

What is Dentistry? 3

Wholism vs. Reductionism 4

Fragmented Dental Education 7

The Why of Work 10

References and Notes 15

2 Not the Golden Age of Dentistry 16

The Paradox of Duty and Desire 23

References and Notes 27

3 Dentistry Today 29

The Four Stages of Learning 31

Technology – Wagging the Dog 36

Human Interaction Rules 39

References and Notes 41

4 The Ultimate Losers In the End 43

Dentists and Stress 46

Dental Health Today 50

References and Notes 53

Part II The Solution 55

5 The Fundamental Value of Leadership 57

That Vision Thing 62

Climbing The Right Wall 65

My Pledge to You 66

Creating Your Vision Statement 70

References and Notes 70

6 Positive Psychology and Leadership 72

The Well]Being Theory 76

Positive Emotions 77

Engagement 85

Positive Relationships 88

Meaning 93

Accomplishments 100

Conclusion 104

References and Notes 105

7 Passion is the By]product of Mastery – A New Curriculum 109

Passion – The Fire of Desire 109

Passion is the Opposite of Apathy and the By]Product of Mastery 112

What is the Mastery Process? More Evidence of Control 113

References and Notes 117

8 A New Beginning – A New Curriculum 118

References and Notes 126

Part III Leadership Ethos 129

9 What Adam Smith Knew 135

References and Notes 140

10 The Foundation of Ethos – Self]Awareness and Ownership 141

References and Notes 147

11 The Virtues of Emotional Intelligence 148

Self]awareness 151

Self]regulation 151

Self]motivation 153

References and Notes 155

12 Grit, Optimism and Resilience 156

References and Notes 164

13 The TAO of Dentistry and a Culture of Trust 165

References and Notes 173

Part IV Pathos – Other People Matter 175

14 Your Focus – Your Success 179

References and Notes 185

15 The Charismatic Dental Leader 186

16 Contact – The First Four Minutes 193

References and Notes 197

17 Conversation With An Elephant 199

Reference 203

Part V Logos – Where the Rubber Meets the Road 205

18 The Practical Wisdom of Systems and Processes 209

References and Notes 215

19 The Key Systems and Skills 216

References and Notes 222

20 Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time 223

References and Notes 231

21 Master of the Intangibles – It Takes a Team 232

References and Notes 239

Part VI Epilogue 241

A Master in the Art of Living 241


ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
13167Errata in text
Abdi Osman Jama says "An organization [is] a living culture? that
can adapt to the reality as fast as possible."
There is no doubt
that the practice of dentistry has changed. The culture should be
flexible enough to grow through the changes. The culture, which
includes the behaviors, values, and beliefs of the practice, needs to
be the guiding principles over time.