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The Complete Guide to Careers in Special Events

The Complete Guide to Careers in Special Events

Gene Columbus

ISBN: 978-0-470-46325-3 October 2010 240 Pages


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The Complete Guide to Careers in Special Events offers students real-world examples and strategies for identifying their best job in special events, securing that job, and developing resources and contacts to sustain career success. The author includes specific information on the necessary skills needed to be successful in this industry, and teaches students ways to best present this to potential employers, and concludes with networking advice and strategies to ensure career growth and success. Every event requires planning--and it starts with understanding the needs of your client. Finding a job is no different--it is its own special event, and following the same planning process can lead you to the job you desire!

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Chapter 1: Confirming Special Events as Your Career.

Chapter 2: So Many Opportunities in the Special Events Industry.

Chapter 3: What's So Special About the Special Events Industry?

Chapter 4: Learning: In School and/or On the Job.

Chapter 5: Skills That Make You Marketable.

Chapter 6: Target Companies: Where to Find Opportunities.

Chapter 7: Creating a Résumé and Writing the Cover Letter.

Chapter 8: Effective Interviewing.

Chapter 9: The Follow-Up.

Chapter 10: Learning from the Best.

Chapter 11: Life-Long Learning.

  • Author's vast industry experience brings real-world examples and tips to job search and interview preparation
  • Presented in a story-like format to grab student's attention, with straight talk about the do's and don'ts in the process
  • Covers a wide range of careers in the events industry to help students decide which they are most interested in and special training requirements
  • Approaches the job search and interview preparation as its own "special event"--outlining the steps in the process to gain the appropriate experience, create your own "special events career brand," plan, and execute a successful search
  • Creating your own "career brand"
  • Developing your "tool kit:" cover letters, resume, etc.
  • Job search tips, interview techniques and tips, through to "closing the deal"
  • Career development and networking
  • Helpful appendixes include sample resumes and cover letters, tips for dressing for success, interview questions, networking tips, and more!