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The Complete Guide to Writing & Producing Technical Manuals

The Complete Guide to Writing & Producing Technical Manuals

Leslie M. Haydon

ISBN: 978-0-471-12281-4 June 1995 312 Pages


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A step-by-step guide through the entire process of preparing andpublishing high-quality technical manuals

The Complete Guide to Writing and Producing Technical Manuals showsthe reader how to create clear, well-organized technical manualsfor any equipment, simple or complex. Requiring no specializedbackground knowledge, this unique guide lays out all the aspects ofthe job--from initial concept to final publication. The authordraws on more than twenty-five years' experience as a technicianand technical writer to provide authoritative, easy-to-followinstructions on how to organize detailed technical information intoa finished, high-quality technical manual.

Major topics include:
* Planning procedures for technical manuals
* Manual types and arrangements, including operation manuals,maintenance and repair instructions, illustrated parts lists, andmore
* Layout and format, including sample page layouts
* Writing style and technical editing techniques
* Front matter and introductions
* Illustration and table preparation, including typical charts,diagrams, and illustrations
* Preparing camera-ready copy
* Printing and binding
* Organizing a technical handbook department
* And much more

Fully illustrated and supported by handy appendices and a glossaryof technical terms, The Complete Guide to Writing and ProducingTechnical Manuals is an indispensable reference for all engineers,scientists, and technical writers who need to produce effective,professional technical manuals.
Technical Writing as a Career.

Technical Manuals and Handbooks.

Planning a Technical Manual.

Publishing Systems.

Layout and Format.

Manual Writing Style.

Preparing a Manual Specification.

Front Matter and Introductory Material.


Table Preparation.


Maintenance and Repair Instructions.

Illustrated Parts Breakdown.

Appendixes and Addenda.

Amending Manuals.

Preparing Camera-Ready Copy.

Printing and Binding.

The Technical Editor.

A Technical Handbook Department--From Concept to Operation.


Glossary of Technical Terms.