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The Complete Guide to the Gap Year: The Best Things to Do Between High School and College

The Complete Guide to the Gap Year: The Best Things to Do Between High School and College

Kristin M. White

ISBN: 978-0-470-50121-4 August 2009 Jossey-Bass 272 Pages




This is the go-to book for anyone considering a year to re-charge, to follow a passion, to become immersed in another culture, or to find their love of learning again. It includes everything a student, parent, or guidance counselor would want to know about the gap year; including what a gap year is, what it is not, and why it can have a positive impact on a young life.

* Readers can find out what college admissions deans think of the gap year, and how it is becoming an important part of the educational process at top tier universities. 

*Economically, the gap year can make a lot of sense in a recession, and this useful guide gives information on free programs, financial aid, and tax savings.

*The book has a comprehensive guide to 200 of the world's best gap year programs.

*Students will find self-quizzes and helpful criteria to help them decide whether to take a gap year, and if so what kind of program. This guide helps them evaluate their interests and plan and fund their gap year; whether it means spending a year on a sailing vessel, coaching sports and teaching in an impoverished area, or following a passion in the arts or academics.




PART 1 Fundamentals of the Gap Year.

1 The Gap Year: It’s Not a Vacation.

2 College as the Ultimate Goal: What Do Deans of College Admissions Think of the Gap Year?

3 The Postgraduate Year: A Bridge Between High School and College.

4 Financing Your Gap Year.

5 The Year of National Service: A Free Gap Year Option.

6 The Gap Year Decision: Is It Right for You?

PART 2 Directory of Gap Year Programs.

Volunteer Programs:Multiple Countries.

Volunteer Programs: Africa.

Volunteer Programs: United States.

Cultural Immersion Programs.

Adventure Programs.

Language Study Programs.

Art,Music, Theater, and Media Programs.

Sailing and Tall Ship Programs.

Conservation, Environment, and Marine Life Programs.

Outdoor andWilderness Programs.

Sports Programs.

Miscellaneous Programs.

Postgraduate Year Programs.

International Postgraduate Year Options.

Gap Year Resources.

About the Author.



"Clearly lays out the vast diversity of transformative programs available to any student while also providing an essential compass, and makes a compelling case on how this legitimate educational supplement could soon become an educational imperative."
?Alex Safos, director, Global Learning Across Borders

"With a thorough directory of organizations, an explanation of the financial picture, comments from top college admissions directors, and an objective perspective, Kristin M. White has created the number one gap year resource."
?Chris Stakich, co-founder and executive director, Thinking Beyond Borders

"A good choice for students with the means and broad perspective necessary to consider this experience." (Library Journal, February 2010)

"Whatever your motivation, if you are interested in pursuing a gap year experience, do your research. And I'd start by reading White's book." (CBS, The College Solution)

"This guide's best feature is its clear and detailed organization by subject interest. If a marine life program is calling out to a teen, it is easy to find options and related subjects close by. Though the "gap year" is a relatively new concept in the United States, it is quite common in Europe and Australia. The directories of volunteer and for-credit gap year programs are pure gold. An index and resource list are included." (School Library Journal, "Choosing the Right College" January 27, 2010)