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The Complexity of Dynamical Systems

The Complexity of Dynamical Systems

Johan Dubbeldam (Editor), Kirk Green (Editor), Daan Lenstra (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-40931-0

Feb 2011

258 pages

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Written by recognized experts, this edited book covers recent theoretical, experimental and applied issues in the growing fi eld of Complex Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics. It is divided into two parts, with the first section application based, incorporating the theory of bifurcation analysis, numerical computations of instabilities in dynamical systems and discussing experimental developments. The second part covers the
broad category of statistical mechanics and dynamical systems. Several novel exciting theoretical and mathematical insights and their consequences are conveyed to the reader.
Part I
Coastal Morphodynamics
Long-lived Transients in Transitional Pipe Flow
Dynamics of Patterns with Delayed Feedback
Optical Delay Dynamics and its Applications
Symbolic Dynamics in Genetic Oscillation Patterns
Translocation Dynamics and Randomness

Part II
Entropy Production, the Breaking of Detailed Balance, and the Arrow of Time
Monodromy and the Complexity of Quantum Systems
Dynamics in Materials Science
Synchronization on the Circle

Conclusion from the Editors
Discussions Results of the Conference, Future Perspectives