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The Consultants' Survival Guide



The Consultants' Survival Guide

Marsha D. Lewin

ISBN: 978-0-471-16079-3 March 1997 256 Pages

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Practical advice from Marsha D. Lewin

On success as a consultant

"Over these decades of consulting, the most successful consultantsI've known were self-starters whose enthusiasm, individualism, anddrive did not blend with big business norms. They saw a problem,identified what needed to be done, and went on to solve it. Theydidn't wait for committees to pass on the idea and to run it up thecorporate ladder for serial approval."

On surviving in a cyclical economy

"Plan ahead for the inevitable downturn in the economy. That'sclearly the way to be in the best position to be able to endure thehard times. . . . The down cycle may not be accommodating enough,however, to hit us after we've put away all the money we hadplanned on and will need for the future. That's why advanceplanning strategies must be supplemented by strategies to cope withan existing economic peril. And, once you've made it through thedangerous times, you'll want to evaluate your situation to ensurethat you adjust your strategies from survival mode to those thatenable you to plan ahead until the next threat."

On strategy

"Strategies are fundamental mental and emotional underclothesvisible only to you and yours. . . . Our strategic plan is themooring, the underpinning that we use as our target for the tacticswith which we deal in our daily lives."

On controlling expenses

"I emphasize reviewing your expenses periodically becausesituations change, and pricing of various options changes as well.If you make decisions on a never-again basis, you might find youare paying way too much for the basic services and you are merelycausing yourself to work harder to stay in the same place." -- fromThe Consultant's Survival Guide

When businesses, government agencies, and other organizations arefaced with problems they can't solve on their own, they turn toyou, the management consultant, for expertise, perspective, andrational solutions. But what happens when your business isthreatened by forces you can't control? Who helps you put yourproblems in perspective, analyze your situation, and find a remedy?Is there a consultant's consultant? There is now!

In her thirty years as a management consultant, Marsha D. Lewin hasseen it all--the booms, the busts, the endless uncertainties. Sheknows that some consultants ride out the tough times with relativeease, while others, equally talented, are quickly overwhelmed. InThe Consultant's Survival Guide she reveals 14 strategies that willkeep your consulting practice going through good times and bad, andshe offers specific tactics you can use to make sure yourstrategies succeed. You'll learn how to:
* Cut expenses in hard times without undercutting the quality ofyour services
* Keep your fees up and your clients smiling
* Avoid giving away the store when writing a proposal
* Ensure that your work produces a tangible result for clients
* Use downtime to build up your business
* Expand the geographical perimeters of your client base
* Market your services without spending a dime
* Develop and maintain a reputation as a competent, conscientious,reliable consultant

Many of the strategies and tactics you'll discover in this bookwill help boost your profits in any business climate. Others arerules to live by that should influence every action of yourprofessional life. All are practical steps that you can implementeasily to make your practice stronger, more profitable, and morefit for survival--starting today!
Is Control an Illusion?

Creating a Demand for You.

Some Strategies and How You Can Use Them.

Keep Mean and Lean.

Don't Lower Your Fees.

Include Negotiables.

Beware the Complete Proposal.

Push Out Your Perimeter.

Sell Smaller Pieces.

Leave an Endowment.

Implement--Don't Just Plan.

Keep in Touch.

Weave a Web.

Tend Your Garden.


Do Good Work.

Don't Compromise Yourself--It's All You've Got.



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