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The Courageous Messenger: How to Successfully Speak Up at Work

The Courageous Messenger: How to Successfully Speak Up at Work

Kathleen D. Ryan, Daniel K. Oestreich, George Orr

ISBN: 978-0-787-90268-1

Aug 1996, Jossey-Bass

288 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The book to read before you open your mouth. This survival manual relates the finer points of communicating bad news, voicing strong opinions and discussing difficult issues at the office without compromising your position...or your job. Filled with tips, illuminating stories, and a practical tool box of exercises, The Courageous Messenger gives you the means to assess the benefits, risks and motivations of communicating difficult messages. It helps you become a skilled messenger. And it teaches you how to speak with courage, clarity and -- most importantly -- diplomacy, whether you're addressing peers, bosses or employees.
AcknowledgementsThe Authors
Part One: Everyday Acts of Courage
1. Welcome to this Book
2. Courageous Messengers
3. Messengers and Tough News
4. Becoming a Skilled Messenger
Part Two: Finding the Courage
5. Courage is an Inside Job
6. Know Your True Message
7. Know Your Real Motivation
8. Assess Your Risk
9. Understand Your Yes-Buts
10. Make a Decision
Part Three: Acting with Courage
11. Get Ready for the Conversation
12. Open the Conversation
13. Present Your Message and Motivation
14. Talk About Your Message with Your Receiver
15. Wrap Up the Conversation
16. Follow Through
Part Four: The Tough Cases
17. Do You Really have a Tough Case
18. Get Ready for a Tough Case
19. Talk with Your Receiver in a Tough Case
Part Five: Sustaining the Courage
20. How Did It Go? What Did You Learn?
21. The Messengers's Transformation
22. Changing the Organization by Speaking Up
The Messenger's Tool Box-Basic Communication Skills-When You Are the Receiver of Tough News-When You Cannot Deliver Your Message in Person-Summary of Tips for Messengers
"Read this book. It's full of choices and ways to get unstuck when you feel trapped. The authors give you permission to start over and improvise along the way. What else could you ask for?" --Josh Hammond, author, The Stuff Americans are Made Of