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The Creation of a University System

The Creation of a University System

Michael Shattock (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-20300-1

Mar 1997, Wiley-Blackwell

224 pages

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This volume brings together a selection of articles published over the fifty year life of the Universities/Higher Education Quarterly which provides a critical overview of the development of university and non-university higher education over the post-War period and of the policy debates which occurred at various points.

The Creation of the British University System: Michael Shattock (University of Warwick).

Part I: There is no University 'System' in Britain: .

1. The Universities and the Government: Ernest Simon.

2. A Historical Document: Statement by the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals 1946: Editorial.

3. Student Numbers 1911 to 1971: Ernest Simon.

4. University Admissions: Report of an Inquiry: R. K. Kelsall.

5. British Universities and Intellectual Life: A. H. Halsey.

6. The Growth of Higher Education: S. Zuckerman.

7. Too Few Academic Eggs: B. V. Bowden.

8. Observations on the American University: Edward Shils.

Part II: Robbins and After: .

9. First Reactions to the Robbins Report: Charles Morris.

10. The Academic Hierarchy: Robbins, Appendix Three: A. H. Halsey.

11. A Question of Size and Shape: Martin Trow.

12. Review of the Uses of the University : Charles Morris.

13. Notes on New Univerisities: British and American: David Riesman.

14. Dualism in Higher Education: Peter Venables.

15. The Education of Ministers of State: Alec Merrison.

Part III: The Assertion of State Control: .

16. University Financing 1979-86: Peter Moore.

17. Academic Standards and Mass Higher Education: Martin Trow.

18. Policy on Higher Education and Research: Peter Swinnerton-Dyer.

19. Elegant and Democratic Values: Will the New English Universities Gel: Christopher Price.

20. Reflections on the British Government and Higher Education: Richard Bird.

21. The White Paper - Higher Education: A New Framework: Editorial.

"Provides useful background information which will help fuel vigorous, well-informed and open-minded debate on the future of higher education into the 21st century" New Scientist
* Tackles current policy dilemmas in higher education.
* Presents a series of alternative views in their historical context.