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The Crowd Funding Services Handbook: Raising the Money You Need to Fund Your Business, Project, or Invention

The Crowd Funding Services Handbook: Raising the Money You Need to Fund Your Business, Project, or Invention

Jason R. Rich

ISBN: 978-1-118-91549-3

Aug 2014

288 pages


Crowdsource funding is the new way to finance start-ups in a networked world

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, investors, artisans, or those who merely have a good idea for a business venture have a new and attainable means of securing capital to grow their dreams. Gone are the days when the only options to raise funds for a new business were venture capitalists, angel investors, or Wall Street. Web-based crowdfunding services are now plentiful and offer a variety of options for the aspiring entrepreneur. However, these services are not typically as well-understood as the more traditional means of raising capital.

In The Crowdsource Funding Services Handbook, author Jason R. Rich offers a step-by-step overview of the various crowdsource funding services available on the Web, as well as the necessary documentation required to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

  • Contains details on how to evaluate and select the best online platform for crowdfunding efforts
  • Provides details on creating a business plan to the specifications require to raise capital via crowdfunding
  • Provides an overview of the financial projections that will be required for a crowdfunding initiative
  • Proposes a specific approach to creating a "pitch video" to succeed with a crowdsource funding campaign

The Crowdsource Funding Services Handbook is a thorough, well-developed resource for those seeking to raise capital to start a business or fund the development of an innovative idea. Author and crowdfunding expert Jason R. Rich provides this definitive, hands-on guide to raising capital in the new economy.

Acknowledgments ix

About the Author xi

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 How Crowd Funding Works: The Basics 1

Chapter 2 What Types of Businesses, Projects, and Inventions Can Get Funded 15

Chapter 3 Introduction to Crowd Funding Platforms and Services 29

Chapter 4 Preplanning Your Crowd Funding Campaign 51

Chapter 5 Crunching the Numbers 65

Chapter 6 Targeting Your Backers and Supporters 79

Chapter 7 Producing Your Promotional Video 89

Chapter 8 Promoting Your Campaign 105

Chapter 9 Interacting with Your Backers Using a Blog 123

Chapter 10 Getting the Help You Need 133

Chapter 11 You’ve Reached Your Funding Goal—Now What? 141

Chapter 12 Get Started Using 149

Chapter 13 Interviews with Crowd Funding Experts 163

Chapter 14 Crowd Funding Experts Share Their Secrets 197

Chapter 15 Experienced Crowd Funders Share Their Secrets 225

Index 253