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The Crust and Upper Mantle of the Pacific Area

The Crust and Upper Mantle of the Pacific Area

Leon Knopoff (Editor), Charles L. Drake (Editor), Pembroke J. Ehart (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66373-8 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 522 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 12.

The Crust and Upper Mantle of the Pacific Area
contains a special collection of articles based on papers presented at the Symposium on the Upper Mantle Project held at the Pacific Science Congress, Tokyo, August 1966. In order to provide a more comprehensive collection, additional papers were invited from the geophysics section of the Congress. The Symposium was sponsored by the International Upper Mantle Committee; additional papers were selected by a small group appointed by the Upper Mantle Committee.
The Upper Mantle Committee was set up jointly by the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) and the International Union of Geological Sciences to coordinate the Upper Mantle Project, an international program of research on the solid earth sponsored by the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU).


Heat Flow in the Sea of Japan
Masashi Yasui, Toshiro Kishii, Teruhiko Watanabe, and Seiya Uyeda 3

Temperature Profiles for the Continental and Oceanic Crust
E. A. Lubimova 17

Terrestrial Heat Flow in India
R. K. Verma and Hari Narain 22

Statistical Analyses of Terrestrial Heat Flow and Seismicity of the Pacific Ocean
R. W. Girdler 35


A Model for the Upper Mantle with Several Channels of Low Velocity and Strength
R. Z. Tarakanov and N. V. Leviy 43

Foreshocks, Aftershocks, and Earthquake Swarms with Special Reference to Normal Seismic Activity in and near the Japanese Islands
Norio Yamakawa 51

Seismicity of Island Arcs and Other Arc Tectonic Regions of the Circum-Pacific Zone
Setumi Miyamura 60

Abyssally Generated T Phases
Rockne H. Johnson, Roger A. Norris, and Frederick K. Duennebier 70


Seismic Refraction Surveys in British Columbia, 1964-1966: A Preliminary Interpretation
W. R. H. White, M. N. Bone, and W. G. Milne 81

Variation in the Thickness of the Crust in the Hawaiian Archipelago
Augustine S. Furumoto, George P. FVoollard, J. F. Campbell, and D. M. Hussong 94

Seismic Refraction study of the Internal Structure of a Volcanic Cinder Cone
Augustine S. Furumoto and Wm. Mansjeld Adams 112

Deep Seismic Soundings in the Transition Zones from Continents to Oceans
I. P. Kosminskaya and S. M. Zverev 122

On Deep Structure, Properties of the Upper Mantle, and Volcanism of the Kuril-Kamchatka Island Arc According to Seismic Data
S. A. Fedotov 131

Deep Seismic Sounding in the Vicinity of Sakhalin
S. K. Bikkenina, E. G. Zhilkov, M. Kh. Livshitz, N. A. Nikonova, A. A. Suvorov, and Yu. A. Treskova 140

North Pacific Sediment Layers Measured by Seismic Profiling
John Ewing, Maurice Ewing, Thomas Aitken, and William J. Ludwig 147

The Transition from Ocean to Continent from Seismic Refraction Data
Charles L. Drake and John E. Nafe 174


Paleomagnetic Studies of Indian Rocks and Continental Drift
R. K. Verma and Hari Narain 189

Airborne and Shipboard Magnetic Surveys in the West Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan
Takuichi Matsuzaki and Shinkichi Utashiro 198

Aeromagnetic Survey in Northeast Japan
Yoshw Kato, Akio Takagi, and Isao Muroi 212

Origin of Magnetic Anomalies over the Central Volcanic Region of New Zealand
Alexander Malahof 218

Magnetic and Tectonic Trends over the Hawaiian Ridge
Alexander Malahof and George P. Woollard 241


Land Gravity Survey of the Solomon and Bismarck Islands
T. S. Laudon 279

The British Solomon Islands: Some Geological Implications of the Gravity Data, 1966
J. C. Grover 296

Correlation of Vertical Movement and Gravity Anomalies in Two Zones of the Japanese Islands
Takeshi Dambara 307

The Interrelationship of the Crust, the Upper Mantle, and Isostatic Gravity Anomalies in the United States
George P. Woollard 312

Geodetic Measurements for the Study of Crustal Movements
Charles A. Whitten 342


Geothermal and Geomagnetic Data in and around the Island Arc of Japan
Seiya Uyeda and Victor Vacquier 349

The Crust and the Upper Mantle in the Transition Zone from the Pacific Ocean to the Asiatic Continent
A. G. Gainanov, S. M. Zverev, I. P. Kosminskaya, M. Kh. Livshitz, A. P. Milashin, O. N. Soloviev, P. A. Stroev, P. M. Sichev, I. K. Tuyezov, Yu. V . Tulina, and E. E. Fotiadi 367

Marine Gravity and Magnetic Studies of the Solomon Islands
J. C. Rose, George P. Woollard, and Alezander Malahoff 379


Volcanism as an Agent of Formation of the Earth's Crust
E. K. Markhinin 413

Chlorine Content of Volcanic Rocks and Migration of Chlorine from the Mantle to the Surface of the Earth
I. Iwasaki, T. Katsura, T. Ozawa, M. 170shida, and B. Iwasaki 423

Developments in Volcanic Gas Research in Hawaii
J . Bruce Finlayson, I. Lynus Barnes, and John J. Naughton 428


A Very Ancient Island Arc
R. E. Folinsbee, H. Baadsgaard, G. L. Cumming, and D. C. Green 441

Some Problems of Development of the Earth's Crust and Upper Mantle of Oceans
V. V.Beloussov 449

On the Nature of the Conjugation Zone between the Asiatic Continent and the Pacific Ocean
B. A. Petrushevsky 460

Tectonics of the Upper Parts of the Mantle under Geosynclines and Island Arcs
Yu. M. Scheinmann 466

Structure of the Folded Areas and Recent Geosynclines of the Okhotsk Area
I. K. Tuyezov, P. M. Sichev, R. Z. Tarakanov, and M. L. Krasny 473

Some Geological Problems in the Development of Japan and the Neighboring Island Arcs
Musao Gorai 481


Integrated Studies of the Elastic Properties of Some Indian Rocks
S. Balakrishna and Y. V. Ramana 489

Elastic Wave Velocities in Hawaiian Rocks at Pressures to Ten Kilobars
Murli H. Manghnani and George P. Woollard 501

Geophysical Aspects of the Problems of Elastic and Electrical Properties of Rocks at Pressures up to Tens of Kilobars
M. P. Volarovich 517