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The Crust of the Pacific Basin

The Crust of the Pacific Basin

Gordon A. MacDonald (Editor), Hisashi Kuno (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66931-0

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

195 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 6.

The following papers were presented at the Tenth Pacific Science Congress, held at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, August 21 to September 6, 1961. Most of them were included in two symposia: that on the Earth's Crust in the Pacific Basin, organized by E. I. Robertson of New Zealand; and that on Volcanism and Plutonism in relation to Types of Crustal Deformation, organized by Hisashi Kuno of Japan. In addition to the papers originally included in the symposia, both organizers invited certain papers, originally scheduled for the general sessions of the Congress, to be added to the symposia because their subjects were considered to be particularly germane.

Foreword ix

Island Arcs in the Development of the Earth's Structure (Especially in the
Region of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk)
V. V. Beloussov and E. M. Ruditch 1

Seismic Wave Velocities in the New Guinea-Solomon Islands Region
J. A. Brooks 2

Ocean-Basin Evolution by Sea-Floor Spreading
Robert S. Dietz 11

Crustal Structure and Volcanoes in Hawaii
J. P. Eaton 13

Surface-Wave Studies of the Pacific Crust and Mantle
Maurice Ewing, James Brune, and John Kuo 30

On the Relationship between Geotectonic and Geophysical Phenomena of the Kuril Kamtchatka Folding Zone at the Junction Zone of the Asiatic Continent with the Pacific Ocean
A. V. Goryatchev 41

Eartllquakes and Geologic Structure of the Northwest Margin of the Pacific Ocean Basin
B. A. Petrouchevsky 50

On the Relationship of Deep Ii~arthquakes of Eastern Outlying Districts of Asia with Large Crustal Structures
E. M. Ruditch 52

Gravity Anomalies and the Crust of the Earth in the Pacific Basin
George P. Wcollard and William E. Strange 60

A Short Outline of the Geology of Malaya with Special Reference to Mesozoic Orogeny
Joseph B. Alexander 81

Extrusive Vulcanism with Reference to Earth Movements
H. A. Brouwer 87

Magma Type and Crustal Structure in the Aleutian Arc
R. R. Coats 92

Petrochcmieul Features of Volcanism in Relation to the Types of the Earth's Crust George
S. Gorshkov 110

On the Age of the Granitic Rocks in Relation to the Structural features of Sumatra
John A. Katili 116

Igneous and Structural Features of Thailand
Th. H. F. Klompe 122

Frequency Distribution of Rock Types in Oceanic, Orogenic, and Kratogenic Volcanic Associations
Hisashi Kuno 135

Crustal Deformation and Igneous Activity in the South Fossa Magna, Japan
Tokihiko Matsuda 140

Structure and Volcanism in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
J. Healy 151

Basalt Magma Types and Their Tectonic Associations: Pacific Northwest of the United States 
Aaron C. Waters 158

A New Hypothesis for Origin of Guyots and Seamount Terraces
Y. Rammohanroy Nayudu 171

A Mechanism of Formation of Oceanic Magma
Yu. M. Scheinmalln 181

Relationship of Petrographic Suites in Hawaii
Gordon A. Macdonald and Takashi Katsura 187