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The Cults of the Roman Empire

The Cults of the Roman Empire

Robert Turcan

ISBN: 978-0-631-20046-8 January 1997 Wiley-Blackwell 416 Pages


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This book is about the multiplicity of gods and religions that characterized the Roman world before Constantine. It was not the noble gods such as Jove, Apollo and Diana, who were crucial to the lives of the common people in the empire, bur gods of an altogether more earthly, earth level, whose rituals and observances may now seem bizarre. As well as being of wide general interest, this book will appeal to students of the Roman Empire and of the history of religion.

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Externa Superstitio.

1. The Great Mother and Her Eunuchs.

2. Isis of the Many Names or Our Lady of the Waves.

3. The Orontes Pouring into the Tiber.

4. Beneath the Rocks of the Persian Cavern.

5. Horsemen, Mothers and Serpents.

6. Occultism and Theosophy.

7. Dionysus and Sabazius.



List of Plates.


Historical and Mythographical Index.

Index of Religious Particulars.

"... a treasure trove of information on the nature and diversity of mystery cults." Westminster Theological Journal <!--end-->
* The only account of popular religion in the world of ancient Rome.
* Individual chapters devoted to each cult - the Great Mother, Dionysus, Isis, Mithras, etc.
* Written by one of France's leading scholars.