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The Demographics of Innovation: Why Demographics is a Key to the Innovation Race



The Demographics of Innovation: Why Demographics is a Key to the Innovation Race

James Liang

ISBN: 978-1-119-40894-9 November 2017 264 Pages


As the population ages, which nation will rise to lead innovation in the future?

Demographics of Innovation takes a deep, investigative look at the link between economic growth, innovation, vitality and entrepreneurship in an aging population, and provides smart strategy for the future. Written by a Stanford-trained economist and demographics expert, who is also a prominent internet entrepreneur, this book examines demographic trends across nations and digs into the divergence to find awakening innovation. An aging population hampers growth; while many are focused on the care-related financial burden, few have fully explored the ways in which a seismic demographic shift could transform the face of global business. This book charts the trends, connects the dots and reveals which nations will be best placed to build an innovation economy and grow in the future.

Global business is set to undergo a revolution as aging populations mired in old thinking become left behind by younger, brighter, more forward-looking generations. Innovation loss is the first step in stagnation, so the question becomes: who will win and who will lose in this new world order? This book presents clear analysis of the coming demographic bomb, and proposes insightful strategy for the short and long term.

  • Delve into the aging of society and the economic issues it creates
  • Learn how shifting demographics affects innovation and prosperity
  • Examine trends in growth, policy and more alongside the rise in average age
  • Make smarter planning decisions in light of the changing population

The problems of overpopulation pale in comparison to the problem of aging on a massive global scale. Demographics dictate growth rates, economic equilibrium, interest rates and so much more. Demographics of Innovation provides thought-provoking analysis and strategy for policy makers, business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and everyone concerned about planning for an uncertain future.

Acknowledgments vii

About the Author ix

Introduction xi


CHAPTER 1 Global Demographic Trends 3

CHAPTER 2 Demographics and Innovation 21

CHAPTER 3 Demographics and the Economy 63

CHAPTER 4 Resource and Environment 85

CHAPTER 5 Public Policy 107


CHAPTER 6 Japan 135

CHAPTER 7 China 149

CHAPTER 8 The United States of America 173

CHAPTER 9 Europe 191

CHAPTER 10 India 209

Conclusion 225

Epilogue: Historical Competition Among Civilizations: An Essay on Transportation Technology, Demographics and the Race of Innovation 229

References 233

Index 235