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The Dental Foundation Interview Guide: With Situational Judgement Tests



The Dental Foundation Interview Guide: With Situational Judgement Tests

Zahid Siddique, Shivana Anand, Helena Lewis-Greene

ISBN: 978-1-119-10916-7 April 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 184 Pages


The Dental Foundation Interview Guide: with Situational Judgement Tests offers an indispensable step-by-step guide to the dental foundation training application process.

  • Explains the application and recruitment process and includes essential interview tips 
  • Offers a wealth of practice questions with detailed answers to ensure familiarity with the process 
  • Highlights the importance of professionalism, leadership and management within the dental practice
  • Written by recent graduates who understand the pressures of the application process

Preface, vii

Acknowledgements, ix

1 What is dental foundation training? 1

2 The application process 3

DF1 recruitment process 3

How to apply 4

Key dates 5

DF1 schemes –where to work 5

DF1 interview –format 9

Scotland applications 11

3 The SJT exam 13

What is an SJT? 13

Format of the exam 13

Marking format of the exam 14

4 Definitions and legalities 15

Definitions 15

Legislation for the dental team 17

Clinical governance 19

5 Important notes for revision 25

Standards for the dental team 25

Consent 26

Confidentiality 29

Complaints 31

Scope of practice 32

Continued professional development (CPD) 33

Raising concerns 34

Child protection and vulnerable adults 35

A checklist of sources to consult during revision 37

6 Practice scenarios 39

Introduction 39

Professionalism, leadership and management scenarios 40

Patient communication scenarios 53

7 Situational judgement test practice questions 57

Introduction 57

Ranking-based SJTs 58

Ranking-based SJTs: answers 86

‘Best of three’ SJTs 109

‘Best-of-three’ SJTs: answers 143

8 How to write a dental CV 163

Introduction 163

Format 164

Some dos and don’ts 166

Index 169