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The Derek Bok Center Series on College Teaching DVD Set, 6 Discs

The Derek Bok Center Series on College Teaching DVD Set, 6 Discs

Harvard University

ISBN: 978-0-470-18459-2

Apr 2007, Jossey-Bass

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Derek Bok Center Series

The Derek Bok Center Series of DVD's is a collection of presentations by both Harvard University and other university professors that focuses on how to improve the teaching skills of university instructors.

The series will assist instructors in becoming better communicators in the class room; enable them to convey their ideas more effectively, engage students in the material being taught and address complex issues involving learning environment and learning techniques. Each DVD features two sessions that revolve around a similar topic. 

Disc 1: Thinking Together and From Questions to Concepts
Deals with collaborative learning, increasing student engagement and how to make sure students are learning the concepts and material that are covered in a lecture course.

Disc 2: Race in the Class Room and Women in the Classroom
Initiates discussion and dialogue revolving around the social make up of the class room and how that affects the learning environment.

Disc 3: Teaching in America and What Students Want
Focuses on problems that confront international faculty and offers insights into dealing with language barriers, cultural differences and the expectations and concerns of American college students.

Disc 4: The Art of Discussion Leading and The Art of the Lecture
Provides tools for the instructor teaching large lecture classes, including how to facilitate classroom discussion, encourage students to take part in their own learning and how much help an instructor should provide a student.

Disc 5: The Act of Teaching
Improves the presentation skills of instructors through acting techniques using physical and vocal exercises.

Disc 6: How to Speak and Technically Speaking
Techniques that will enable the instructor to become an effective speaker and presenter, and how to effectively convey complex subject matter.